Jerusalem Post Identifies Obama’s “Jewish Problem”: He is Labor, not Likud


The Jerusalem Post says that Obama’s problem is that he has been more influenced by liberal Jewish Zionists rather than radical ones who make up the current government. For the writer, Barry Rubin, that is a big problem.
Yet, still on 99 percent of all issues, Obama serves the radical interests by never doing anything to strongly influence long-stated American positions such as opposed to new Israeli settlements on Palestinian land (by withholding funds from Israel unless it respects American opposition to continued settlements).
So you see, the admitted problem they have with Obama, is not that he is influenced by Jews rather than those with the interests of America at heart, but that he is influenced by the wrong Jews! –
Barack Obama’s slavish pro-Israel stance has not been enough to appease the Zionist extremists in Israel—and now the real reason has become clear: he was influenced by Israeli “liberal” politics in that country’s Labour Party, and not by the governing Likud party.
Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Jewish Supremacist Barry Rubin complained that “Obama’s view of Judaism, Zionism and Israel was very much shaped by his liberal and left-wing Jewish contacts in Chicago, some of whom became key members of his entourage. Among these influential acquaintances was Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf.
“Wolf was of a type familiar in American Jewish circles. While in principle pro-Israel, he had certain views that made him highly critical. As what I would call a moral perfectionist, Wolf could not view Israel as good enough to live up to Jewish values that had been honed during a long exile during which Jews had no political responsibility and did not have to meet the real world demands of political power,” Rubin wrote.
“ At the same time, he was more attuned to Israel’s reputedly more idealistic era of Labor Party hegemony. For Wolf, Israel was arrogant, not nice to the Palestinian Arabs, obsessed with the Holocaust, and thus simultaneously paranoid and over-confident.
“Not understanding the realities of Israel’s strategic situation, the compromises made necessary by statehood, the actual facts on the ground, and other factors, Wolf thought he and those who thought as he did knew better how to protect and morally improve Israel than did its voters and leaders. One can glimpse many of these themes in Obama’s thinking today.
“For while Obama, like Wolf, exaggerates and takes out of context Israel’s behavior, unlike Wolf he does not deal with the real threat and problem in the region.
“In fact, the administration is helping Islamism toward power in Egypt and Syria, as well as not mobilizing and leading against it elsewhere. Yet for many who understand better – including a lot of Middle East Muslims as well as Israel – it makes our “blood run cold,” too. And in many cases, it makes people’s blood run in rivers.”

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