Jerusalem: Nazi Haredim stone Shufat Arabs


Ultra-Orthodox from Ramat Shlomo throw stones at Palestinian homes in refugee camp; three arrested

An Arab from Shufat was lightly injured Saturday evening when residents of the haredi enclave of Ramat Shlomo threw stones at Palestinian homes in the refugee camp, located in northeastern Jerusalem.
Police said three haredim – two youths and an adult – were arrested.
Two ultra-Orthodox also sustained light injuries when Arabs from Shufat threw stones towards Ramat Shlomo in retaliation, police said, adding that three vehicles parked in the Jewish neighborhood were damaged.
Police and Border Guard forces were alerted to the scene. One of the detainees, a 16-year-old haredi, attacked a female Border Guard officer, who sustained light facial injuries.
A Ramat Shlomo resident said clashes with Shufat’s residents are not uncommon. “An olive grove, not a particularly big one, separates Ramat Shlomo from Shufat. Haredim from Ramat Shlomo regularly taunt Shufat’s Arabs. Every time it’s a different provocation,” he said.
“Today, a group of teenagers entered Shufat. In response, the Arabs entered Ramat Shlomo and began hurling stones at vehicles. Police and Border Guard officers restored order.”

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