Jason Bermas: From 9/11 to Depopulation and Politics (Video)


Talented radio talk show host and filmmaker Jason Bermas appeared on “History, So It Doesn’t Repeat”to talk about everything under the sun. Do not miss this!

Jason Bermas, host of Punk Rock Politics on UnboundRadio.com
Jason Bermas, host of Punk Rock Politics on UnboundRadio.com
“I’m doing the right thing, I’m fighting for the right thing. Humanity is worth saving. We’re not perfect, we are never going to be perfect.”, Bermas said during the broadcast as he went on to talk about how individual freedom is important.
In today’s day and age information is everywhere, but you must use discernment.
The “programing” fed to you on the TV you watch has become almost fully overran.
The people demand truth as they realize their country has been overran as well.
The populace of the planet now yearns to be educated with truths their masters have suppressed from them for hundreds of years. As independent thinkers, we need to help get the information to the masses.

Recently, radio talk show host, filmmaker and activist, Jason Bermas, appeared on the series History, So It Doesn’t Repeat”, to talk all about his previous hit documentary films, and his new upcoming film Shade the Motion Picture.
Bermas explains how the new film will be made available for free on-line for everyone to watch, but encourages people to purchase the high-quality DVD to support the filmmakers.
Shade the Motion Picture is set to release August 15, 2013 worldwide.
Watch all trailer versions and pre-order the fim today!
Official Website: http://www.shadethemotionpicture.com
Listen to UnboundRadio.com to catch Jason’s show, Punk Rock Politics.


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