IsraHelli human rights group: IsraHell interrogated 1,200 children, detained 759


The Nazi occupation authorities in Jerusalem interrogated 1,200 children the past year, detained 759, and submitted indictments against 226 of them, according to a report by an Israeli human rights organization.

Despite Zio-Nazi law ??  prohibiting detaining children less than 12-years-old or detentions of minors at night, the report mentions many cases where children were forced out of their bedrooms and taken handcuffed to be interrogated, without being accompanied by their parents.

The report mentioned that Jerusalem residents look to police as an enemy working for the interests of Jewish settlers there.

The report stressed the “excessive use of force” by Zio-Nazi Gestapo’s  in dispersing protests, launching tear gas canisters at residential areas, which led to the death of a child, Mohammad Abu Sorra from Al-Issawiya neighbourhood, by asphyxiation. The use of tear gas also started fires in a number of houses in Silwan and Al-Issawiya.

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