IsraHell will have to meet the same fate of the Crusades

There is no doubt that that Israel will continue to incite the international community against Iran and any other Muslim country that seeks a semblance of balance of power with the Jewish state.However, it is equally vital that key Muslim states in the region not give in to Zionist pressure and blackmail, be it economic, financial or even military.Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan said “we shall eat grass, but we will make an atomic bomb.” His iconic words must be internalized by Muslim leaders, especially those who value Muslim honor and dignity.
Israel, after all, doesn’t respect weak neighbors, let alone weak victims. The Muslims of this region must choose between living as masters in their own countries or living as slaves to supremacist Jews who consider all non-Jews sub-humans or outright beasts.More Zionist arroganceIt is widely expected that Zionist Jews will elect even a more extremist government than the present one headed by Netanyahu.Such a government is likely to up the ante with regard to Iran. It will also make more provocations at the Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest place in Islam) which would spark off a huge conflagration unseen in the annals of the Arab-Israeli conflict.Moreover, the new government will continue to build and expand Jewish settlements all over the occupied territories, especially in occupied East Jerusalem.
Needless to say, this would decapitate, once and for all, any remaining chances for the creation of a viable and territorially contiguous Palestinian state, especially one with Jerusalem as its capital.Israel will undoubtedly try to impose the fait accompli on a weak, demoralized and pliant Palestinian leadership. However, that leadership would eventually come under tremendous public pressure from the Palestinian masses to refuse capitulation to the Israeli fait accompli.The Palestinian leadership would probably appeal to Washington and London for help in order to rein in Israeli insolence and arrogance. But Washington, itself under a different Israeli occupation as nearly all American politicians are at Israel’s beck and call, is in no position to pressure Israel or tell her what to do.
The Jewish Robber Barons in America are too powerful and too dominant to allow any American leader to raise his head or look a Zionist leader in the eye and tell him “enough is enough.The Crusades fateThe final demise of the already moribund peace process will redefine the Arab-Israeli conflict in ways that would disappoint the likes of Condoleezza Rice and Hillary and Bill Clinton. It will prove the fallacy of those who made their bidding on peace with Israel.Eventually, Israel will have to face a situation where a Jewish minority, however large and powerful that minority may be, is ruling over and oppressing a non-Jewish majority.In fact, Jews in mandatory Palestine (between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea) are already a minority as admitted by Israeli officials quoted by the Haarets newspaper.
Needless to say, the status of Jews in Occupied Palestine as a demographic minority is likely to be further consolidated with the passage of time due to the Palestinian high birth rate and also the diminishing rates of Jewish immigration.Faced with this hard reality, Israel will likely embrace a harsh form of apartheid to keep Zionism alive.But apartheid can not be maintained for ever as a policy, given its immense moral and political price, which would generate difficult existential crises for Israel, affecting the Israeli economy, image and moral fabric.Ultimately. Israel will have to choose between a bi-national state extending from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean or pursue an existential and open-ended confrontation with hundreds of millions of Muslims in the region.
There is no doubt that Israel is moving on a losing course as the facts of geography and history stand decidedly against the Zionist enterprise. The Crusades created kingdoms and fiefdoms in Palestine and elsewhere in the region which lasted for a longer duration than has Israel.But, the Crusades met their ultimate fate because they couldn’t overcome the basic dichotomy between their colonialist dreams and the geographic and demographic realities of the Middle East.Eventually, Israel will have to meet the same fate of the Crusades.

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