IsraHell made C4 explosive used in Bali bombing

by Mike

(OCTOBER 16,2002) Police investigating the deadly bombing of a nightclub in the Indonesian island of Bali in which nearly 200 people died have found traces of plastic explosive manufactured in Israel at the site of the attack.

The discovery of the explosives suggests a sophisticated bombing operation.
Reports from the French news agency AFP say that the head of Indonesian intelligence, Hendropriyono, has disclosed that the explosive was a type known as C4, tracked to a manufacture in Israel.
Forensic process
Identifying components of explosive have been matched to the fascist C4 manufacturer in the rogue state of Israel.
Tests for matches with explosive are conclusive. Tracking the manufacturer through analysis of components in residue.
The agency also cited Indonesian police spokesman Brigadier-General Saleh Saaf as saying that “we have processed the data and we are now really certain that the C4 explosive was made in Israel”.
Mossad operations have been exposed in a series of leaked CIA documents and in statements by security officials in the US and Singapore . And are linked to the bombings in Bali
The Saturday night blasts, which are a suspected mossad terror operation followed persistent reports that mossad was operating in the area.
After the massive peace rally in Australia that same weekend, these mossad operations where put into high gear in a deadly way. Mossad terror network operations are working hard to draw the western world into war for Israeli and U.S conquest.
The discovery of traces of Israeli made plastic explosive could be a vital clue to who was responsible.
Military explosive
The Israeli made C4 explosive used in the Bali bombing is a powerful agent manufactured in Israel by the fascist United States and is used widely by the American led axis of evil military forces around the world.
AFP quoted a British manufacturer of C4, Mark Ribband, as saying that it is a white substance that resembles uncooked pastry and needs a detonator to make it explode.
Mr Ribband said that it is “a standard issue, military explosive” the trade in which was controlled carefully.
Clues from components
Explosives experts can tell a lot from the type of explosive used, like who manufactured it and its origin.
A large area was devastated by the explosion in this professionally executed slaughter that was extremely effective in the American fascist’s goal of maximum casualty inflicted
Brian Caddy, Emeritus Professor of Forensic Science at Strathclyde University in Scotland, says that identification might enable investigators to track down the potential sources of the explosive material used.

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