IsraHell and Palestinian Metal Bands Unite for ‘All is One’ Tour


Metal bands from Israel and Palestine are joining together for an 18 gig tour to promote a message of peace.

all is one tour
The ALL IS ONE debut sold out show in Tel-Aviv!
Photo by Daria Engin Derya Engin Photography
By JG Vibes
Israeli band Orphaned Land is joining forces with the Palestinian band Khalas for an 18 gig tour that will visit 6 different countries.  The purpose of the tour is to promote peace and unity between the Palestinian and Israeli people.  The bands will live together and share a tour bus for their tour, and they also plan on working together in the future.  Members of each group have told the media that they hope their children will one day form their own band.
According to the Guardian “at a concert to launch their European tour in Tel Aviv last week, Orphaned Land’s lead singer, Kobi Farhi, and Khalas’s lead guitarist, Abed Hathut, explained their mission.
“We can’t change the world, but we can give an example of how coexistence is possible,” said Farhi. “Sharing a stage and sharing a bus is stronger than a thousand words. We’ll show how two people from different backgrounds who live in a conflict zone can perform together.”
“We are metal brothers before everything,” said Hathut. But, he added,“there is no bigger message for peace than through this tour”.
Ophaned Land made the following post to their website, announcing the tour and stating its goals:
ORPHANED LAND, the pioneers of Oriental Metal, proudly announce the support acts that will be joining them for their upcoming European tour: Klone (France), Bilocate (Jordan), Khalas a.k.a The Arabic Rock Orchestra (Israel/Palestine) and The Mars Chronicle (France) as the opening act.
It’s a well known fact that Orphaned Land devotedly speak about the power of music to turn supposed enemies into friends, amongst others by strongly encouraging collaborations with artists from different cultural and religious backgrounds.
On the “All is One” tour, for the very first time, you will see bands from Israel, Palestine, Jordan and France all together as one, proving that music is the only voice of hope that can bring people together. 
Orphaned Land release their highly anticipated new album, entitled “All is One”, on June 24th and will be on the road for their European headlining tour this fall. For dates and tickets visit
Join us and support this courageous musical journey!
Using art as a tool for activism is one of my favorite topics, because it is something that i have practiced for many years in my other work.  This year at the 10th annual porcupine freedom festival i had the ability to host a discussion on the subject of art and its relation to philosophy.  Footage from that discussion can be viewed below:

There are many other instances all throughout the middle east where people are defying the local politicians and the cult of public opinion to reach across political and religious borders in the name of peace.
For well over a year now peace activists in Palestine have been teaming up with other peace activists in Israel as well as the United States and Iran to spread a message of love and unity among people of all geographical locations…..regardless of what all the crazy politicians say.
Some of the most popular of these efforts is the Palestine loves Israel and Israel loves Palestine campaigns, which started out as a viral Facebook phenomena where Palestinians and Israelis would send messages of love to one another and reassure each other that the hateful rhetoric put forward by governments and media outlets are totally out of line with the true feelings of the average person.

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