Anat Kam, a lowly Israeli journalist working for the Walla website, was arrested by Shabak and is now supposedly under house arrest, prohibited from working. Nobody knows why, and there is a military gag order not only on the accusations against her, but on the very fact that she was disappeared. An anonymous article on Israel’s Indymedia was pulled down.
The speculation is that she was somehow involved in a leak of secret Herrenvolk army documents . The documents, published over a year ago in Haaretz, provided smoking documentation to what we all know, that the Herrenvolk, despite explicit supreme court prohibition, continues the practice of assassination of wanted Palestinians.
The story, published in Haaretz by Uri Blau in November 2008 (two different articles, English and Hebrew), establishes three important points. The least important, because widely known outside those who consciously avoid knowing it, is that the Herrenvolk Army, a.k.a. the IDF, is a terrorist organization. More important is the fact, known but generally hushed, that even the minimal protection of human rights afforded to Palestinians by rare Israeli Supreme Court decisions are not worth the paper they are printed on, since the army simply ignores them.
The third point, perhaps the most important one, is that the article named the Israeli generals that were involved in the premeditated murder of Ziad Malaisha, on June 20, 2007 in Kafr Dan, near Jenin. these were GOC Central Command Yair Naveh, Brig. Gen. Sami Turjeman, head of the operations directorate Tal Russo, and Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi. This might at least discourage them from ever traveling to countries that respect international law.
Neither Uri Blau, not any other journalist in Israel, dared to take a stand. Haaretz is silent. The only mealy mouthed protest comes from a Maariv journalist who wrote an article on line about a journalist arrested in the imaginary “shsholand”, to conclude that “the journalists of that country are zeroes.” Indeed! Anat Kam apparently cooperates with the Gestapo, and her lawyers are trying to silence all publicity of the story.
Given the betrayal of her fellow journalists and the kind of state she lives in, Kam’s collaboration is understandable if not excusable. But it doesn’t oblige anybody else. Other people who deal with Israel’s crimes regularly might want to establish a special “living will” and deposit it with their relatives: “In case I am arrested by the Shabak and I’m calling you from their office to ask for your silence, please ignore my request.”
Hat tip to Richard Silverstein.
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