by Gilad Atzmon
 September 23, 2010

A meeting between Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Israeli deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon ended abruptly yesterday. The dispute followed the Israeli deputy foreign minister’s demand that the meeting’s summary should refer to the notion of ‘two states for two peoples,’ rather than just ‘two states.’ 
“I wanted that at the very least it will note two states for two peoples. I demanded to know what they meant. One Palestinian state and one bi-national state, or another Palestinian state?” the deputy minister told Ynet. “I made it clear that we were out of the picture if the summary didn’t say two states for two peoples.”
The Palestinian PM could not accept such a demand for very many reasons: Israel is located on historic Palestine. It came to life through robbery and ethnic cleansing. It is maintained by theft. At least a fifth of Israel’s population are Palestinians. And if this is not enough, not a single living Palestinian negotiator is ever going to let the refugee issue go, and for a good reason. The right of return is still the crux of the Palestinian cause.
Interestingly enough, within the context of the two states solution, a Palestinian state would be geographically defined: it would be a state of its citizens, and it would also be a civilised amalgam of different ethnicities and religions.  Israel, on the other hand, would be a racially orientated setting: it would be the Jewish State, where Jews come first. I wonder why anyone in the international community would support such a solution or such a state. However, I wasn’t surprised to read in Ynet that Tony Blair, who participated in the earlier part of the meeting yesterday, “supported the Israeli stance”. I guess that after dragging us all into a religious war with no end, Blair has developed an affinity with Judeo-centric arguments and the Zionist way of thinking.  After all, let’s not forget, it was Zionist Lord Levy and the Labour Friends of Israel who funded his party at the time it launched the war in Iraq.
It also shouldn’t take us by surprise that the current rounds of talks are leading nowhere. In fact, given that Zionism does not include peaceful political precepts, the Israel-Palestine conflict cannot be resolved by the current peace talks or any kind of resolution dominated by the Zionist world view . The Jewish state presents itself as a revival of the Biblical Israelite nation,  and this means in practice, a disastrous conflict with no end. This conflict is probably the greatest threat for world peace,  but it is certainly tragic also for Israelis who are  being born into a doomed reality set by a phantasmic Biblical tale.  
In the meeting, Ayalon said that “Israel will continue to support the Palestinian economy, even without its consent”, but he also noted that “Israel’s security needs must also be taken into consideration”. Instead of being motivated by a sincere desire for peace and a spirit of reconciliation, Israeli policy makers are committed to the philosophy of  ‘carrot and stick’ : they offer a combination of ‘rewards’ and ‘punishment’ to induce ‘good subservient behaviour’ amongst the Palestinians. The Palestinians are constantly offered very little while at the same time, the IDF is ready to unleash its deadly might. Israelis are basically  buying time, yet, by doing so, they clearly sacrifice their future. It is no secret that for Palestinians to win, all they need is time.
The ‘two states solution’ is a futile idea and it is about time the International community stopped wasting any effort in trying to achieve such a resolution. The facts on the ground are clear, as Daniel McGowan  clearly suggested a few months ago:
“Within the current borders controlled by Israel (including pre-1967 Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights) there is in fact a single state. It has one electrical grid, one water system, one currency, one major highway system, one postal service, and one external border. Goods and people entering this de facto state come through harbors, airports, and a restricted number of crossings. Bills of lading and passports are checked and stamped by officials of this single state.”
This one state is momentarily called Israel, and it is dominated ideologically by Jewish racism and fuelled practically by Talmudic supremacy. However, this will change. Against all odds, the Israeli nuclear power, Jewish lobbies around the world, F-35 stealth planes and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister’s enthusiasm, Israel will become a state of its citizens and by the time this happens, it will be called Palestine. 

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