Gilad Atzmon: Islamophobia in Britain: The Products, The Names and The Faces

DateJuly 29, 2010

Islamophobia has made it to the market place. In the open and shamelessly offers hundreds of anti Muslim and anti Arab products: T-shirts, caps babysuits etc’.  

 Yet, make no mistake, Cafepress is not an ordinary xenophobic retailer driven by some crude ‘universal’ bigotry. As much as the site offers very many pro Jewish, pro Israelipro war , anti Arab and anti Muslim commodities, it doesn’t offer a single anti Jewish, anti Semitic, anti Black, anti Polish or anti Immigrant commodity.

This is indeed very good news. Yet, the manifold of anti Muslim and pro Jewish products is staggering, especially in the context of the absence of any other hate driven products.

I guess that it is more than likely that the ‘pro Jewish’, ‘pro war’ and ‘anti Muslim’  products appeal to more or less the same crowd.  I guess that you know who they may be.

And yet, I am slightly puzzled I may admit, I ask myself where in Britain one can hang around with a T-shirt carrying an image of the Koran being stepped upon?  Where in Britain one can go around with a T-Shirt calling to ‘bomb Iran’?

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