ISIS THEATRE: Jihadi John’s Execution of Peter Kassig ‘Emerges’ as Neocons Push For War



21st Century Wire says…

Former US Army Ranger, Peter Kassig, has become the fifth alleged victim of ISIS protagonist, “Jihadi John”, in a new, yet very hard to come by ‘beheading’ video…

This is latest attempt in ISIS-branded video propaganda designed to gain public consent in the West – for broader conflict in both Iraq and Syria.

The 26 year-old Peter Kassig, a US Ranger turned aid working and Muslim convert, said to have changed his name to ‘Abdul Rahman’, is now stated to be the third American victim to meet an untimely end at the hands of the ISIS militant/actor known as, ‘Jihadi John’. Like with the previous high profile beheading videos, the problem is – there is no definitive proof that a murder took place. 

It seems that all the mainstream media needs now is a generic statement from a politician to authenticate any ISIS YouTube video, where no forensic investigation is required. The Guardian has gone along with Washington’s media protocol it seems, initially stating:“A statement from US President Barack Obama on Sunday night confirmed that Kassig had been killed after Isis released the video…”.

Kassig enlisted in the US Army’s well-known special operations 75th Ranger Regiment from June 2006 to September 2007, before being discharged for medical reasons.On October 3rd, The Washington Post provided additional background info on Kassig:  “Kassig also was an employee with TYR Solutions LTD, a British firm that provides security and consulting and training for individuals planning to go to war zones, according to his LinkedIn profile.”

This revelation almost certainly ties him to various intelligence operations, especially given his pedigree and likely high security clearance working as a US Ranger in a war theater.

IMAGE:  ‘Cloaked Aid’ – US Army Ranger and aid worker Peter Kassig (Photo link

Since the ISIS ‘beheading’ videos first appeared in August, we’ve seen a string of questionable decapitations, displaying the deaths of American journalist James Foley and Israeli-American,Steven Sotloff, along with the questionable video depicting British ex-soldier David Haines and British aid worker, Alan Henning, all of which are shown to have been killed by ISIS actor,Jihadi Johnvia crudely constructed propaganda videos, seemingly designed to start a new war at home, and abroad.

Although there continues to be bold and dramatic claims by the US government as to the authenticity of the alleged beheading video’s, we still have yet to see any clear forensic evidence showing an actual beheading at all.

As 21WIRE reported previously, all of the theatrical videos appear to be managed by CIA outcrop organization SITE:

“Of course, as if by magic, CIA and Israeli intelligence-linked media outlet SITE is first on the scene. 21WIRE detailed who and what are behind western terror media outlet SITE (see their logo embossed in the Haines video still below) and why the Sotloff and Foley ‘beheading’ videos appeared to be staged. SITE’s offices are located near the CIA in Virginia.”

Kassig’s death will no doubt ignite neoconservatives within the Republican party, some of whom have been pushing for deeper conflict in Iraq and Syria for sometime. This is marked by the Obama administration rapidly increasing the military presence in Iraq.

When thinking of who could behind that Kassig video, we should consider that the CIA and Israeli intelligence-linked media outlet SITE was the first to release many of these execution videos prior to ISIS on social media. 21WIRE detailed who and what are behind western terror media outlet SITE as evidence suggests all of the ‘beheading’ videos so far appear to be staged.

IMAGE: ‘ISIS propaganda’ –  From left to right, Maxime Hauchard (Abu Abdallah al-Faransi)Jihadi John (Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary), Nasser Muthana are believed to be seen in the photo above (Photo

The timing of Kassig’s execution should be looked at more closely, since it appears to follow the recent political shift within the United States and could mark a more defined direction for future conflict. The ISIS beheading video’s have triggered a wave of hysteria, all based on uploaded YouTube footage by persons unknown and unnamed.

Here’s a brief analysis of the Kassig beheading by Dav Action Reporting, which raises some important questions about the latest ISIS execution…

Here is an excerpt from SERA, an apparent humanitarian organization that has provided aid response to conflict areas within Lebanon, Turkey and Syria, which was founded by Peter Kassig:

“SERA (Special Emergency Response and Assistance) is a medically-oriented emergency relief organization that serves refugee populations and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Our efforts, however small, are focused on providing acute logistical support and assistance  in areas too difficult for other humanitarian organizations to effectively operate. Typically, this means conflict zones. Our current operational focus is the civil war occurring in Syria. SERA was founded in 2012 by Peter Kassig, a former US Army Ranger who served in the Iraq War.”

There appears to be a common thread binding all of recent ISIS beheading victims and Kassig is no exception. All five of the men said to have been killed by Jihadi John have either had some kind of connection to aid working, some kind of connection to the military or the intelligence field by means of critical Middle East reporting or service.

More details are sure to evolve in this story, follow new details here at 21WIRE.

To date, no Mainstream Media outlets have challenged the authenticity of any of these theatrical ‘beheading’ videos. More from the Daily Mail below…

IMAGE: ‘Deceptive decapitation’ – Peter Kassig said to be killed by Jihadi John ( 

Islamic-State releases new video claiming execution kidnapped aid-worker

Damien Gayle

The Daily Mail

A masked jihadist today issued a chilling threat to the West in a video purporting to show the severed head of a U.S. aid worker and a mass murder of Syrian soldiers.Speaking in the now-familiar London accent of Islamic State executioner-cum-spokesman Jihadi John, the militant issues the bloodcurdling threat in the group’s latest propaganda video.

Later in the same video, which emerged today, it is claimed that another Western hostage, the aid worker and former U.S. army ranger Peter Kassig, has also been executed.

A severed head said to Mr Kassig’s is shown at the end of the near 16-minute long clip, which was uploaded to video sharing sites and publicised via Twitter.

But it is at the beginning of an earlier scene, showing the graphic mass murder of Syrian air force personnel, that the masked militant issues his threat against civilians in the U.S. and UK.

It shows the men led to a place in the desert by bearded, uniformed jihadis who each pick up a knife which they will use to saw the heads off their victims.

As militants stand in a row with their hostages kneeling in front of them, Jihadi John says: ‘To Obama, the dog of Rome. Today we are slaughtering the soldiers of Bashar and tomorrow we will be slaughtering your soldiers.

‘And with Allah’s permission we will break this final and last crusade. And the Islamic State will soon, like your puppet David Cameron said, begin to slaughter your people in your streets.