الجيش يسيطر على تجمع خليف بدير الزور ويقتل أكثر من 30 إرهابياً


Websites and “opposition” chat rooms are bristling with stories about the panic that has set in between the rat ranks in Dayr El-Zor after it became obvious their efforts were leading to nothing but death and annihilation.  The words being used are “hysteria” and “delusion” to describe the mind-set of many hard-core Jihadists who left their home countries to find bliss in the roiling intestines of Hell.

In Al-Raqqa, yesterday, another 100+ foreign rats were executed while trying to escape the city ahead of the inevitable SAA assault.  There is a sense among many of the foreigners that the joy of being loved and welcomed by the citizens of Syria and Iraq in appreciation of their war to liberate these lands from modernity and progress has become a chimera.  They are despised and they know it.

Couple this with a confirmed conspiracy by 4 Azerbaijani Turks to assassinate Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi which was uncovered in Al-Raqqa.  Apparently, the Turks were even more militant and backward than the Caliph of Kaka.  They didn’t believe he upheld those reactionary principles so crucial to spinning the earth counter-clockwise to the first century before the Iron Age.  No news about their welfare after their arrest.  However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out they probably lost their heads.

And talking about losing their heads!  7 Chechen terrorist rodents belonging to ISIS have disappeared and the Internet is abuzz with theories about what happened to them.  One group of pundits thinks they tried to escape the upcoming Rapture courtesy of the Syrian Army.  Another group thinks pro-government militias kidnapped them and put them to death.  Whatever might have happened, one thing remains true: The only good Chechen is an invisible one.


City:  At the Intilaaq Neighborhood, SAA Special Forces attacked ISIS rodents at the Pharmex Company and killed 11 of them:

‘Abdul-Jabbaar Khalaf Al-Idreesi

Rashaad Muhammad Fayyaadh

The others were all foreigners.

City: The SAA has liberated the Agricultural College which was used by ISIS as a C&C base.  No details.

Al-Sinaa’ah Quarter:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Bu-Nimr:  A vehicle with ammunition was destroyed by SAAF.

Al-Bu-‘Umar:  The SAAF strafed a convoy of ISIS skunks and reports indicate significant degrading of assets there.  No details.

Al-Muree’iyya: SAAF pursuing remnant vermin and has reportedly killed 39 rats already and destroyed 5 pickups with 23mm cannons.  Major debacle for ISIS.

Mu-Hassan:  SAA in pursuit of escaping rats.  No details.

Huwayjat Sakr:  SAAF in the air pursuing terrorists destroyed a C&C base and vaporized 12 pickups with 23mm cannons and 1 armored vehicle believed to have been supplied by Britain.

Huwayjat Sakr:  The SAA has liberated the Khaleef Complex and destroyed an HQ.  Details developing.

Al-Huwayqa Quarter: Fighting with no details.

Tharda Mountains:  Close to the Al-Tayyim Oil Field.  SAA pummeled ISIS with artillery forcing packs of the rats to scatter. No other details.

Dayr Al-Zor Airbase:  A Moroccan, a Tunisian, a French rat, were all sent to Hell.  Scores are reported wounded and demoralized.  God is apparently not on their side.  11 rats were killed in a separate operation at something called the White Building southeast of the base and 5 rats were killed by artillery.

Subayhaan:  ISIS has retaliated against villagers here for their refusal to allow the arrest of 23 females to be used as sex slaves.



Tal Ghazaal:  An attempted infiltration by ISIS 45kms southeast of Qaamishli was repelled by SAA.  There were 6 rats killed and a pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.

Al-Shubayb:  Fighting with no details.

South Baab Al-Khayr:  We confirm the deaths of 50+ rodents of ISIS here.  This town is located on the connecting route to Qaamishli.  It is near the ancient and archaeologically rich area of Al-Mawzaaan.

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