Is NATO Preparing for War on Russia?



Bilateral Russia/US relations are dismal – so far confined to a war of words, risking things turning hot. Hostile US actions include:

  • deploying US-led NATO forces close to Russia’s border – breaching the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE -1991), limiting conventional military equipment in Europe;
  • staging provocative military exercises in bordering countries, rehearsing belligerence against the Russian Federation;
  • notably using Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland as training grounds for US-led NATO wars;
  • preparing for hybrid and conventional war on Russia;
  • inventing and hyping a nonexistent “Russian threat;”
  • abandoning the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty;
  • breaching the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) by creating “weapons systems” violating its treaty obligations, according to Sergey Lavrov;
  • falsely accusing Moscow of “aggression” in Ukraine;
  • seizing Russian properties in America;
  • closing one of its consulates;
  • expelling its diplomats;
  • falsely blaming the Kremlin for interference in last year’s US presidential election;
  • accusing it of supporting governments Washington wants toppled;
  • imposing illegal sanctions on Russia;
  • meddling in its internal affairs; and
  • constant daily media and congressional bashing, including unconscionable vilification of Vladimir Putin.

All of the above and more should scare everyone, especially with administration and congressional hawkish neocons dictating geopolitical policymaking.

America is a warrior state, waging endless wars of aggression in multiple theaters, wanting all sovereign independent governments replaced by pro-Western puppet regimes – Russia, China and Iran its top targets.

According to the Wall Street Journal, US-dominated NATO is set to approve two new commands – to strengthen its ability to confront Russia belligerently.

One command would manage alliance logistics, focusing on moving troops and equipment more swiftly. A second command would focus on protecting Atlantic and Arctic Ocean sea lanes, important supply lines for Europe.

Pentagon commanders want NATO members able to act fast and effectively against Russian forces.

US Army Europe commander General Ben Hodges said

“(t)he alliance has to move as quick or quicker than Russian Federation forces for our deterrent to be effective.”

“Speed is what will give our civilian leaders options other than a liberation campaign.”

NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said review of NATO’s command structure is about “deploy(ing) forces quickly across the alliance.”

Member states are “adapting national legislation to allow military equipment to transit faster across borders and are working on improving national infrastructure.”

Headquarters for the new commands will be in Brunssom, Netherlands and Naples, Italy. They’ll be at the same level as NATO’s Joint Forces Commands.

US-installed alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg claimed

“(o)ur deployments are a direct response to Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine, (its) military buildup close our borders, and its lack of transparency when it comes to military exercises such as Zapad 2017.”

All of the above accusations are false. Stoltenberg represents US interests, supporting its aggressive wars and unacceptable hostility toward Russia – things likely heading for an eventual showdown, the unthinkable possibility of nuclear war, an armageddon scenario if launched.

US-dominated NATO is a serial aggressor, at war in multiple theaters. Russia’s actions are entirely defensive, essential given Western belligerence.

Moscow fosters world peace and stability – notions Washington rejects.

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