Is it Iran Being Sanctioned or America?



 by  Gordon Duff , 

Press TV

The American people and the people of the world are being told that two bills are moving through congress, one to destroy the nuclear deal with Iran and another to force the American government to help Israel destroy Iran militarily. Both bills exist but they are, in reality hoaxes.  One would be vetoed and the other could never be binding.
Both exist to destroy faith in the United States and push forward an agenda that will lead to a wide redistribution of power in the world through exploiting sectarian divides, racial fears and class hatreds.
Bush Wars II, the Flank Attack

What we are seeing is another attempt at the Bush wars, two wars on Iraq, the second an attack on Islam itself, both, however, little more than oil and drug wars.
With America out of Iraq and Afghanistan and resistance stiffening in Africa against the Bush wars colonial wars there, the real focus comes back on America.
A Totally American Surrogate War, America Fights America
Anyone who believes that so many concurrent struggles around the world aren’t related is simply not paying attention.  The questions that aren’t so clear, however, is “who is the target” and “who is pulling the strings.” The reality is that America factions, one heavily backed by Zionist groups tied to worldwide organized crime, (McCain, Cruz, Graham and the Tea Party), are fighting, not just in America, but with real guns and real dead, no Americans though, around the world.

When Al Qaeda pulled into Fallujah, they did so on behalf of a coalition, political extremists in America, not just the Tea Party, AIPAC certainly, all financed with Saudi money, Turks helping with logistics and others inside Iraq who stand to benefit from civil war and chaos.

The true leadership of the military, Secretary Hagel, General Dempsey and others, along with Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have finally gotten it right and, in doing so, started a civil war in America too, one being fought in Iraq and eventually around the world.
One contingency is to try to force Iran into supporting the… government in Iraq.  If al-Qaeda takes Iraq, that nation will be used, as Bush intended, as a “jumping off point” for attacks on Iran.  They tried it in 2005 and 2007. What you are seeing now is their next attempt.

Thus, the AIPAC moves against the US government, showing the world that they are able to overrule even the President and military commanders.

With a 6-month settlement between Iran and the P5+1 to come online in a matter of days, the Israel lobby is pushing the American legislature toward imposing sanctions on Iran, their way of showing their power over Iran and punishing that nation.  But why, what is the issue between Iran and Israel? Nobody knows.
Moreover, by demonstrating that America’s legislative bodies, with public approval rates of as low as 6%, can be easily controlled, even in this issue which is backed by the President and 70% of the American people, why is any of this going on at all?
Is it Iran being “sanctioned” or America?
Here is a hypothesis:  Israel has been chosen to take on the mantle of “prime mover,” a rogue nation that will increasingly garner the hatred of the world and yet act as catalyst toward destroying anything and everything decent and progressive that mankind attempts.
The G5+1 cares nothing for either pleading or threats from Israel, in fact the European Union is planning a new round of sanctions against Israel to add to the ones passed in August, restricting commercial contact with nearly half of Israel.
If I am right, Israel will increasingly be seen as a rogue…[entity] and the 3rd Reich mythology, that all Jews are thieves, bankers and money lenders, will sweep the world, not for the first time.  Israel will come under siege, threatened not by her Arab neighbors but by those weak minded and easily swayed.

Israel’s own friends, the “Christian right,” the uneducated of the west, the racially bigoted, those who choose to scapegoat others for their own failures will, again, look to the “Christ killers” as in the past.  After all, haven’t Zionist leaders for the past 70 years been touting Jews as a “Middle Eastern” people, “Semites,” despite conclusive proof (John’s Hopkins “Jewish Genome Study) to the contrary.

Is there a plan?  Is a “siege of Israel” being manufactured while some invisible force trains armies of terrorists that move across Africa like ghosts or even show up at the gates of Fallujah, only miles outside Baghdad, miles of new Toyota trucks loaded with modern weapons as their vanguard?
Who moves a thousand trucks by sea, moves then across either Jordan or Syria, more likely Turkey and the KRG region of Iraq, moves them while satellites look on, al-Qaeda symbols on every vehicle?
Again we step back to Washington, a new law, this one supposedly to force America to join Israel in any war Israel chooses to fight. This “bill” is even stranger than the one trying to derail the nuclear settlement with Iran and far more hopeless.
Those unfamiliar with the US constitution, a much abused set of legal tenets, may not realize that the American legislature cannot move a single soldier, no matter what they vote.
Were such a bill to pass, and I assure you President Obama could care less, were Israel to attack Iran and reap the whirlwind, full and legal American support could well be no more than a call from Obama to Netanyahu:  “Bibi, we’re behind you all the way.  Let us know how it turns out.” America could even send ships to the Mediterranean to pick up refugees fleeing Israel, the new “boat people.”
Were it not for Israel’s nuclear arsenal, those acts we are told that Israel is responsible for, obviously pushing the world to war against itself and destroying the credibility of the US in the process, would be considered suicidal….
Eight thousands civilians were killed in Iraq in 2013.  Was it real sectarian violence or cynical attempts to sink Iraq into civil war taking advantage of the sectarian divides and carloads of Saudi cash available to fund such violence?
There are many “established facts” in the Middle East.  One is that Iraq, if they build a stable democracy, Sunni and Shiite, will end all hopes of pushing forward a program of destabilization through Iran and into Afghanistan and Pakistan and then north into the Steppes. All of this was carefully outlined during the 1990s by Wolfowitz, Bolton, Woolsley and Rumsfeld.
Too many “activists” fail to remember that the accused planners of 9/11 at Project for a New American Century included John Bolton, James Woosley and Donald Rumsfeld.  Why are those names always “removed?” What we are seeing now is their plan though PNAC is just another vehicle, as is the Potomac Institute or the Heritage Foundation, the Tea Party and ADL.

What a more careful examination reveals is ties to quasi-national secret societies and a long history of activities, ostensibly on behalf of Zionist extremists in Israel or American oligarchs. A more careful examination, however, reveals something far more sinister, a purposeful targeting of Israel, exposing that nation’s apartheid policies to widespread public for the first time, that and an attempt to bring the American people to the point of giving up on their own political system and accepting something else.
That something else will be dictatorship, sold either after a new 9/11 or an orchestrated threat against the United States involving a coalition of China and other states. Israel, as with the moves against Iraq, seems to be guiding this, but are they?

What do Americans do when they lose all faith in their electoral process yet face a new election?  Key Republic frontrunner, Governor Christie of New Jersey, now faces prison for a bizarre act. He stands accused of closing some of the nation’s largest highways, snarling traffic for tens of millions and violation numerous laws, as part of a political blackmail scheme.
Other political leaders such as Senator Ted Cruz appear to many as dangerous sociopathic types, unfeeling and bloated with narcissistic tendencies.  Most other leaders are much the same and are perceived so. This is no accident.  The American people are being shown how hopeless trying to vote in change is, they are being prestaged for a coup.

America is going to be burned to the ground.  Last attempt was begun inside the US, 9/11.  This time the same group just hit Iraq. Yes, Israel and AIPAC are much a part of it as are others.  A big part of it is Americans we call “Tea Party” or Neocons.

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