Is Hillary Clinton Behind Poisoning Of Russian Double-Agent Sergei Skripal?


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Who might have ordered poisoning of Russian double agent and why?

Op-ed – By John Chuckman – this is an opinion piece in its own right, which appeared as a comment to one of the Independent’s typically slanderous and Russophobic coverage of this potentially inside job, connecting the Clinton crime network  – among others – as the possible culprit behind the Sergei Skripal hit. The comment was ultimately deleted by the Independent’s comments section patrol, after garnering many hundreds of up-thumbs. In the spirit of countering such censorship of the public, we reprint it here for FRN readers. 
Analysis: The Kremlin has been accused over suspicious deaths many times, but there is also the issue of Russia’s security agencies, with reports of turf wars, unclear boundaries of responsibilities and freelance operations.

Just carry on with your silliness. Always ready, with absolutely no evidence, to suggest Russia whenever there is a mysterious death. I’m not saying it is impossible that a Russian would be involved, but why be so unimaginative right from the start?
Well, I actually do understand. It serves the ongoing program of stirring up public suspicion and hostility towards Russia that is orchestrated by the military-security thugs in Washington. All of Washington’s right-thinking European followers are expected to march along behind, echoing the script.
There are so many candidates for attempting to kill the ex-spy, and especially now that we know a nerve agent was used.
Sergei Skripal was associated with the UK ex-spy, Christopher Steele, who was paid large sums by Democrats to create the phony Russia dossier against Trump.
So maybe Hillary is a candidate? Perhaps John Podesta? Both are ruthless and unscrupulous political operators we know from WikiLeaks material.
Christopher Steele, I’m sure, also is not happy with the way his caper turned out, causing him considerable embarrassment and perhaps future high-end political contracts for manufactured dossiers.

Podesta, left – Steele, right

And, of course, someone in the Democratic Party almost certainly had young Seth Rich murdered for leaking the material WikiLeaks published, which we know to a certainty from experts was not the result of a hack by Russia or anyone else.

You’ll find few scruples or ethics, despite public playacting, in a place like Washington which runs an industrial-scale extrajudicial killing operation and has busied itself for years bombing people, killing millions and causing millions to run for their lives.
Israel also has a stockpile of nerve agent, and Israel’s secret service would not hesitate to do something like this to cast an international shadow on Russia, a country it deeply resents for upsetting its plans in Syria.

For perspective, it is rather important to remember that a book has just been published about Israel’s 2,700 assassinations, some of the assassins telling their stories. Political assassination literally has been a significant industry in modern Israel, a business much like the 1930s mafia murders-for-hire out of Detroit by the Purple Gang or Murder Inc.
Of course, there’s also the US and UK. The UK has a facility at Porton Down, not many miles from this event in Salisbury which does contain such awful stuff and more.
Maybe the ex-spy cheated on his wheeling and dealing with Britain or the US? It has happened many times in the world of espionage.
Then there’s all those countries and bizarre actors involved in creating the Syria horror, too. Some of them have nerve agent.
We know the US took some of the stocks of nerve agent from the murdered Qaddafi and had them transferred into Syria for use by the phony jihadi terrorists such as ISIS and al-Nusrah – who actually are paid mercenaries covertly serving America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, assisted by Britain and France – as a provocation, giving Obama an excuse to send in the bombers while blubbering about red lines.
That operation was run under Hillary Clinton, and the whole fiasco at Benghazi with the death of an American Ambassador was related to it, part of a program for transferring cutthroats and weapons from chaotic Libya to Syria in an effort to overthrow its government too.
And the US has tried this ploy with poison gas in Syria a few more times, too, recently. Almost seems like a lack of imagination, but it could just be forgetfulness over the fact that Syria’s armed forces have no chemical weapons.

It seems a trifle brutal to attempt this several times, with each time some innocent civilians being killed horribly by US-supplied terrorists. Any excuse to kill someone you hate, right?

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