Is Dieudonne being anti-semitic?

I would be interested in a translated script of an example of Dieudonne being anti-semitic. The comedian was notorious as an anti fascist campaigner who was later shunned because Zionists were horrified that he likened them to the Nazis. He did this shortly after the invasion of Iraq. Of course many Jews think that Zionism is evil as well so are they anti Semitic? The so called salute is not new and was also adopted by those calling for recompense for the descendants of slavery under the French Empire. Interesting that one who pokes fun at a capitalist imperialist system that has resulted in countless holocausts particularly one that lasted hundreds of years and forms the current day capital base for Western societies should be demonised by the perpetrators of a contemporary Holocaust in the Middle East. It has been claimed that the comedian is anti-Semitic so lets see an example Anthony.
You have likened the comedian to the Nazi threat. The threat of Imperialist invasion resulting in the deaths of millions is the agenda of the Imperialist French state that backs the Zionists and Al Quida in Libya and Syria as well as waging various deadly other military adventures in Africa as we speak and of course possesses a significant nuclear arsenal.
Most importantly though by demonising those that show signs of resistance to the unbearable global system of massive economic inequality and unsustainability as anti-Semitic because they appreciate the insidious role played by Zionism as a weapon of US domination in the Middle East can only serve to bring, albeit unwittingly, the wrath of the oppressed against Jews. After all it is the Zionists who keep telling them that their anti Zionism is anti Semitism. I think you had better change tack quickly before you do more damage.

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