“Nazis were Against Freemasonry” — Masonic Ruse

Freemasonry provides ideological and financial
support to both sides of the phony Illuminati dialectic.
Our wars are house-league contests designed
to destroy the innocents.

Hitler put on a show of opposing Freemasonry; but, he may have been a member.

by David Richards


In Mein Kampf, Hitler said Freemasonry had “succumbed” to the Jews and was an “excellent instrument” to entice the upper classes into their agenda.

After the Nazis rose to power, Hitler outlawed Freemasonry and shut down many lodges. Many Brethren were arrested and sent to the concentration camps. The stolen items from Lodges were used to create anti-Masonic exhibitions across Germany, designed to create fear and hostility towards the fraternity.

Freemasons were also executed, and their property stolen in countries invaded and occupied by the Nazi’s (Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc). Historians tell us that at least 80,000 masons were murdered across Europe.

However, in reality Hitler’s anti-Masonic policy was very selective.

(left, Masonic compass on post-war E. German Flag)

The Nazis only persecuted fringe lodges associated with the Communists. Mainstream German Freemasonry, which was allied with American and British masonry, was exempted. This because Hitler himself secretly was aligned with them. Indeed he was their agent.

A 1997 edition of the Freemasonic journal Philalthes featured an article titled ‘German Freemasonry and Its Attitudes Toward The Nazi Regime‘, that reveals the demographics of the Fraternity in 1930s Germany.

‘Several Masonic spiritual families existed side by side in Germany, [and] were treated differently by the Nazis.’

‘About two-thirds of the brethren belonged to the three oldest, always Christian-oriented and at that time strongly nationalistic Grand Lodges founded in the 18th century which were called ‘Old Prussian’ because they were founded and had their seats in Berlin. They never initiated ‘non Christians’, that is, Jews.’

This faction was Pro-Nazi. It contained the captains of industry, commerce and finance, Royalty and leading citizens who backed Hitler. Many of these men were high-ranking members of the Nazi Party.

These lodges were not persecuted, but they did have to make a few minor adjustments consistent with anti-Masonic policy. Their Grand Master’s sent formal written oaths of allegiance to Hitler and they removed Hebraic wording from their rituals.

They united and called themselves ‘The Frederick the Great Association’. The Prussian King Frederick the Great (1712-1786) was  a nationalist symbol in Nazi propaganda. However, he was also the founder and patron of ‘regular’ Freemasonry in Germany!


The Nazis liquidated the fringe lodges that allowed Jews to be initiated.

‘During the 19th century, five more German Grand Lodges were founded and a further one in 1924. They were called ‘humanitarian’ and initiated men of any religious denomination.’

They espoused liberal and internationalist politics. They were allied with the Communists: Hitler shut them down.

The Prussian alliance refused to recognize these lodges.

‘In 1922, the Old Prussian Grand Lodges decided to withdraw from the German Grand Lodges’ Alliance founded in 1872, explaining: ‘There is a border which strongly differentiates humanitarian from Old Prussian national Freemasonry. We, the three Old Prussian Grand Lodges refuse to take part in the general humanitarian fraternization movement between people in the world.’

Essentially, the large and powerful lodges in Germany united to eliminate their much smaller neighbors. So, rather than being an attack on the Fraternity as a whole, Hitler’s anti-Masonic policy was really contrived Masonic in-fighting!

World War Two should also be seen in this light.

(Anti-Semitic Nazi illustration. They could add Nazis to the list.)



The Prussian Lodges were the only German Lodges recognized by British and American Freemasonry.

They share a common history. Prussian King Frederick the Great played an important role in the creation of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Official Masonic history records:


“The Scottish Rite had its beginning in France, when in 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in Paris, a chapter of twenty-five so-called High Degrees which, including the three symbolic Degrees, these High Degrees were called the Rite of Perfection.

 In 1758 these Degrees were taken to Berlin and placed under a body called the Council of Emperors of the East and West, and in 1762 Frederick the Great of Prussia became the head of the Rite and promulgated what is known as the Constitution of 1762. In 1786 a reorganization took place in which eight Degrees were added to the twenty-five, and the name changed to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.”


The Prussian Lodges were what tied the Western powers to Nazi Germany. This is why Freemasons like Henry Ford aided Hitler.

The lodges had particularly strong ties with the Prussian Royal family in Britain. It is well known that the British Royals were Nazi sympathizers, for instance, all four of Prince Philip’s sisters married high-ranking Nazis.

However, some Royals were privy to the agenda for WW2 and some weren’t. The Illuminati planned for Germany to lose the war, so the genuine Nazi collaborators had to be purged in case they sabotaged the script.

One of the most infamous murders of WW2 was of Prince George, Duke of Kent.

The Duke was a virulent Nazi supporter. In 1939, he was elected Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

In 1941, Prince George and the Duke of Hamilton conducted a secret meeting with Rudolf Hess in Scotland in an attempt to negotiate a peace treaty between the rival powers. The British government arrested Hess and put him in prison for the rest of his life.

The repercussions for Prince George were even more severe. Six months after this meeting, his plane was shot down.

 Sir Anthony Blunt claims that the Prince was murdered on the orders of Illuminati-Gofer Winston Churchill.




Freemasonry was behind all of the major players in WW2

Freemasonry was behind the ‘right-wing’ Fascist Nazis. The Prussian Lodges in Germany were integral to building up the Nazi party. The Swastika is a symbol used in high Masonic Degrees today; apparently it is the ancient “Furthore” Rune Script for the letter “G”, the most important and universal symbol in Freemasonry.

Freemasonry was also behind the ‘left-wing’ Soviets. Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were all Masons. The flag of Communist East Germany featured the Masonic compass.

Freemasonry was also behind he ‘Capitalists.’ Both Churchill and FDR were Masons.

Politics and history are a charade. Photos are frequently published of our ‘opposing’ leaders exchanging a Masonic handshake!

Freemasonry organizes our wars so nations and heroes are destroyed to advance of the Masonic New World Order. 


  1. Don’t forget that during WW2, Masonic lodges issued cards signed by high ranking masons, identifying the holder as a Freemason, in a number of languages. So that were the holder to become captured, he might continue to receive better treatment that the “Profanes” from his captors.

  2. Tis a sad day when Masonic problems are aired in civil court. This show a lack of unietsranddng of masonic teaching by both parties involved. When those who are at the top of the heap believe that they are the rulinig class and have no unietsranddng of Masonry, Chaos reigns. In the same vein, those who bring charges against the ruling party have little or no regard for the principals taught by masonry. For to bring out problems in front of a public who at best is ill informed about our craft, is to invite disaster. As, example I site Madeline Murry Ohare, who brought to court Prayer in public schools, now almost anything to do with Christian religion is banned or at least censored. Masonry stand a good chance of having to go underground in this country as it has in other countries. And to be sure this is one of the factors that changed Masonry from operative to speculative, as freedom to speak one’s mind among brothers. The only answers that I might offer are long term solutions, and must be brought about by masons that are dedicated to teaching what masons have always taught. Brotherly Love, Morality, and Truth. The way is hard and we must lean to guard the west gate against those who for personal gain would climb the rungs of the ladder in our mystic circles. Investigations is serious part of Masonry and needs to be taught. Many Character traits are not desirable in the masonic fraternity, but we have overlooked such traits in the name of gaining in membership. We do not need more members, we need better ones. Only when we can return the lodges to educational institutions and away from social societies, will be be able to regain that which we have lost. Sadly Frank Hass and others have suffered because we have fallen down along our paths in the masonic journey. Hopefully, the rank and file will be able to see the mistakes and in the future take steps to correct them in house by the penal code that is in truth stricter then civil law, but we have chosen to ignore it. Learn well from this current incidents my brethern. Do some serious study of the principals you took an oath to uphold and join together with those who are willing to put forth the time and effort to teach.May the outcome of these current trials be kind to our craft and not leave scars so deep that it takes us years to heal. I wish the best for Frank and others who at this time face a challenge that can either put them as heros or fellons depending on the outcome of public trials.Submittedole Blake, PM#35 Georgia

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