Is America All about “White Privilege” or “Minority Privilege”?


by James Buchanan. An article on the University of Minnesota Campus Reform Blog reports: “The University of Minnesota – Duluth (UMD) is now sponsoring an ad-campaign designed to achieve ‘racial justice’ by raising awareness of ‘white privilege.’”
Do these liberals really think that it’s still 1950? Have they never heard of (anti-White) racial quotas for Blacks and Latinos or the euphemistically named “Affirmative Action” program? Its creators must have thought that discriminating against White people was an “affirmative” thing to do.
All my adult life, I’ve been a second class citizen in America because I was White. My choices for college were restricted so that less intelligent Blacks and Latinos could get access. Every time I applied for work, I knew there was pressure on businesses to hire a certain percentage of minorities regardless of their ability to do the work. The chances of a White person getting a job with the government seemed so low that it wasn’t worth the trouble applying.
Liberalism has caused very real suffering among White people since the 1970s. Two generations of Whites have been second class citizens. The anti-White Democrats want racial quotas to go on forever even though they constitute blatant racial discrimination. The Democrats claim that they oppose racial discrimination, but apparently they only oppose it if it harms Blacks or Latinos. If the discrimination harms White people, the Democrats want it to go on forever and be part of government policy.
The Campus Reform article goes on: “The project disseminates its message, that ‘society was set up for us [whites] and as such is unfair, through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures. The ads feature a number of Caucasians confessing their guilt for the supposed privilege that comes along with their fair features.”
“The self-titled Un-Fair Campaign, is sponsored and supported by the University of Minnesota – Duluth, along with several liberal organizations including the NAACP, YWCA, and The League of Woman Voters. ‘You give me better jobs, better pay, better treatment, and a better chance – all because of the color of my skin,’ reads one poster that features a close shot of a Caucasian male.”
The liberals truly are delusional and borderline mentally ill if they believe that nonsense. Once a White student graduates from college, it’s a long, long, long wait for the first job as every Tyrone, Jose and Ranjipur jumps in line ahead of him.
Many White college graduates wind up waiting tables, driving taxis and sweeping floors if they can find any job at all. Many of these people have over $100,000 in student loans at nine percent interest with little chance of paying that off until they get a real job which will probably take years.
The crushing financial burden on society caused by Blacks and Latinos, takes away billions of dollars from medical research, various scientific fields and military research and development, where many White college graduates used to get jobs. We have an expanding population in the US, but a shrinking job market because most of the population expansion comes from the Third World portion.
There is no “White privilege” in America except for the inherent intelligence and creativity that comes from our genes.
There definitely is a “Black privilege” in America. Just consider Obama’s half-brother George Obama, who lives in a shack in Kenya on a dollar per month. That could easily have been Barack’s life if he had been left with his family in Kenya. Barack Obama however was a quota-student at Harvard. He got jobs with left-wing activist law firms because he was Black and a Marxist and he won political elections because Blacks and self-loathing White liberals voted for him.
You won’t see articles about “Black privilege” on university blogs however because universities in America are run by Marxists, who will go on hating and bashing White people until we no longer exist.

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