Irregular groups attack the Central University of Venezuela

More than 50 masked men attacked, on Wednesday, the Central University of Venezuela, UCV, Caracas, the capital, where they fired guns and burned three vehicles, including two buses.According to the Minister of the Popular power for Interior, Justicia y Paz, Miguel Rodríguez Torres, the assailants, after entering the University “burned three vehicles within these facilities, using hoods, motorcycle without plates, causing fear and terror in that House of study”.Attackers seek to provoke the Venezuelan security forces, but they don’t know that the Venezuelan State is supporter of the dialogue, and human rights, said the Minister.
“We know that behind all this there is a plan to try to destabilise and break the stability and governability in Venezuela,” said the Venezuelan official.On the other hand, the Secretary general of the University, Amalio Belmonte, claimed that this group tries to hinder, democratic protest that the University maintain since last June 7Venezuelan public universities demand to the Government a salary increase for teachers and an increase in the budgets for schools.

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