Iraqi Kurdistan(trained by Israhellis) Ready to Defend Syrian Kurds against Cia-Duh?


On Saturday, in a letter posted online, Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani has said that he is ready to defend Kurds living in Syria if it is found that they are being threatened by al-Qaida backed fighters involved in the Syrian conflict. According to the letter, Barzani has directed Kurdish representatives to go to Syria to investigate reports that the “terrorists of al-Qaida are attacking the civilian population and slaughtering innocent Kurdish women and children.” “If the reports are true, showing that citizens, women and the children of innocent Kurds are under threat from murder and terrorism, Iraq’s Kurdistan region will make use of all of its capabilities to defend women and children and innocent citizens,” Barzani said. 

The statement from Barzani comes after weeks of clashes in predominantly Kurdish parts of northeastern Syria between Kurdish forces and the Al-Qaida-linked Al-Nusra Front after Syrian Kurds forced them from the town of Ras al-Ain. Fighting over Syria’s oil-rich Kurdish region has added another layer to Syria’s complex and bloody civil war. Barzani, however, has offered no further details about how he would protect Syria’s Kurdish population. According to the Washington Post, while Iraqi Kurdistan has a powerful armed force known as the peshmerga, “Barzani seems unlikely to risk a direct military intervention.” Such a move, they added, would likely trigger a hostile response from Iraq’s central government as well as neighboring Turkey, which has been battling its own Kurdish insurgency for years. After President Bashar al-Assad‘s forces have pulled back from the northeast, Syrian Kurds are now calling for autonomy in the region likened to that of northern Iraq.
[ed notes;more bs,what he means by that is he and Turkey have a deal to broker peace talks between kurdish ypg and syrias foreign funded terrorists,so these may turn in conjuction against Assad,all of wich his own mossad backed kurdish militants will gladly participate ina s well…recall…

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