by Jonathan Azaziah
Not too long ago, I was interviewed by the righteous and wonderful brothers at the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Jahady Online about Shari’a, Jihad and Islamophobia. And since we are right smack dab in the middle of Ramadan, I guess there’s no better time to share it! Of course we delve into the political and financial connections of the Zionists to the proliferation of anti-Islam fervor and we also break down the Zionist media’s distortions of some of Islam’s most sacred pillars. In this day and age, there is no greater duty that rests upon the shoulders of Muslims and their allies than defending Islam against the global tidal wave of hasbara launched against it daily by Empire Judaica. I pray that ALLAH (SWT) will find my humble efforts satisfactory and I pray that y’all find it useful. Striking Star Salute to the Iranian nation, its resilient people, its steadfast leadership and its Mouqawamist journalists! Full text of the interview is below.
Jahady: The concepts of “Sharia” and “Jihad” have been misunderstood in Western societies. How could Muslims show the true definition of these words?
Jonathan Azaziah: Indeed they are not just misunderstood but GROSSLY and even MALIGNANTLY misunderstood. And there is one reason for this, so let us not mince our words: Zionism. Islamophobia has become a multi-billion-dollar industry that began with Mossad’s false flag operation and it has only expanded into a big bubble of bigotry over time. At the heart of this are Jewish oligarchic personalities funding it like Nina Rosenwald, her sister Elizabeth Varet, the Chernicks, Seth Klarman, Leslie Wexner and Sheldon Adelson, as well as Jewish (and non-Jewish Shabbos Goy) “journalist” personalities who fuel the hysteria with their columns, books, articles, blog posts and hateful “activism” like Pamela Geller, David Yerushalmi, Robert Spencer, Gisele Littman (aka Bat Yeor), David Horowitz, Irshad Manji, Frank Gaffney, Brigitte Gabriel and so on. It is this interconnected cluster of Jewish-Zionist gazillionaires and their minions who are responsible for how Western societies view Jihad and Shari’a in such a distorted way, as their poison is pumped out into the (Zionist owned and controlled) mainstream media along with Hollywood (run from top to bottom by Zionist Jews) for public consumption. And the aim of course is to fuel the “war on terror”, itself a Zionist creation, so American-‘Israeli’ hegemony in the Arab-Islamic world can continue. If Muslims are going to defy and overthrow this nexus of negativity and venom, we mustn’t SOLELY tell the truth about our wonderful Deen to our Western brothers and sisters but also expose this Zionist network, name the names behind it and be fearless in our truth-telling so the hatemongers know we only fear ALLAH (SWT) and damn sure not their money and artificial power.
Jahady: In your view, what are true jihads of Muslims today?
Jonathan Azaziah: This is an easy one! Palestine, Palestine and Palestine! There is no Jihad (struggle) in the world today like that of the Palestinian cause and our drive to liberate every inch of Falasteen, most especially Al-Quds, from the Zionist menace. Everything we see happening in the Arab-Islamic world, referred to in colonialist terms as the “Middle East”, as a result of the Washington-‘Israeli-orchestrated “Arab Spring” , was designed to keep us drowning and choking on manufactured internal strife and distract us from what matters most: eliminating ‘Israel’ from existence and restoring sovereignty to the Palestinian people. It should be noted that Wahhabi-Takfirism, a perversion of our religion and its righteous concepts like Jihad and Shari a, is being used by the usurping Zionist entity through its vassal states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE to smear Islam and further the overall agenda of the Anglo-‘Israeli’ Imperium. It is thus an imperative to struggle against this false doctrine. Above and beyond such a struggle being a defense of our Deen, it is also a great service to humanity as a whole which may have a warped view of Islam because of the behavior of weaponized Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorists doing unspeakable crimes–on behalf of ‘Israel’ and America–whilst using religion as cover. Allow me also to add that struggling for Yemen is of the utmost importance too as the genocidal war on the Yemeni nation waged by the cruel and tyrannical likes of Saudi Arabia is indeed a war for ‘Israel’. And because of Saudi Arabia’s vast wealth and ability to silence its critics worldwide, very few Muslims are speaking up for Yemen and this is shameful. In short–Jihad against Zionism, Imperialism, Takfirism and Saudi despotism are very much the duties of every Muslim in this age. Because as the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) said, “The best form of Jihad is speaking a word of truth to an unjust ruler.”
Jahady: How does Quran define jihad? How does it lead to proper moral values?
Jonathan Azaziah: In many ways! Centrally though, Jihad is defined as one s inner struggle against the ego and the need to suppress that ego so one can enjoin good, forbid evil and through one’s righteous deeds, guide many a person to Islam. When the ego and carnal desires are suppressed, it frees our minds to focus on things that really matter… Like fighting for those too weak to fight; giving a voice to those who have long been without one; and seeking knowledge that has been suppressed by the hegemonic powers. The aforementioned Zionist network of Islamophobia has falsely and maliciously attempted to equate Jihad with war but like everything else that comes out of these demons’ mouths, this simply isn’t the case. Jihad can be broken down into two forms: Jihad al-Asghar (the lesser Jihad) and Jihad al-Akbar (the greater Jihad). The lesser Jihad is about military conflict with those who would attempt to harm and oppress Muslims and as the Holy Qur’an makes clear, DEFENSIVE WAR is the only war that is halal in Islam. It is the struggle with self however that is categorized in Islamic jurisprudence as the greater Jihad. If all Muslims were mindful of these distinctions, there would be infinitely more justice and infinitely less Zionist power in this world.
Jahady: Is there an agenda behind Western media’s misrepresentation of jihad and sharia?
Jonathan Azaziah: Absolutely. The terrorist, war criminal and all-around maniac Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the artificial ‘Israeli’ entity, famously said that the West is going to have a 100-year war with “radical Islam”. And what he means of course is that World Zionism must continue to fuel the flames of the fallacious “clash of civilizations” so the Islamic East and the Christian West burn each other down in an apocalyptic war so none other than ‘Israel’, the BLIGHT unto the nations, can pick up the pieces. For this scenario to unfold, every now and again, the war-makers and criminal “elites” need to spice things up a bit so to speak for the run-of-the-mill citizen to remain ignorant, afraid and hateful towards Islam. At the forefront of such strategic Zio-Imperialist thinking is frequently repeating and distorting words and pillars considered sacred in our Deen across newspapers, web articles, radio programs and television shows so those who consume this disinformation wind up with an utterly wrong, utterly Orientalist conceptualization. Brainwashing at its finest and most sinister. “Jihadist” and “Jihadi”, “Islamist” and “Islamic militant” have all become synonymous in the Zionized global political lexicon with “terrorist”. But as Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (R.A.) famously said, “There are no Islamists! Only Muslims!” Even persons from among the ranks of the Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist “movement” have come to use this language when speaking about Takfiri terrorists in Syria. Yet it seems completely lost on them that Lebanon’s Hizbullah, the Palestinian Resistance, Yemen’s Ansarullah, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance and Iran’s IRGC all call their fighters Jihadis/Jihadists. Why? Because to engage in the defense of our people and our religion in the face of Empire Judaica and its Takfiri hordes is most certainly a personification of Jihad al-Asghar. Jihad, like every tenet of Islam, is something beautiful, deep, poetic and even mystical. And in the coming days as we head towards the collapse of the usurping Zionist entity, we will need to take back what it means to be Jihadi and safeguard its true definition so we can educate the unknowing and do right by those who gave their lives in the line of Islamic duty.

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