Iranian soldier: Help me get to IsraHell


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ed note–this was so ridiculous and juvenile in its tact that I actually debated whether or not to post it. Remember as you read this that a few years ago, Israel was bribing Iran’s Jewish community to move to Israel, all expenses paid, and they refused, saying they considered themselves Iranians first and Jews second (an unprecedented oddity in and of itself, as generally it is the other way around). Doubtless however that this story will be headline news on sites such as scumbag traitor Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily, John Hagee’s CUFI, as well as the websites of Hannity, Geller, Robert Spencer, et al.

The Knesset has received a request by an Iranian soldier asking Israel’s legislative body to allow himself and his Jewish family to make aliyah, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The unusual request was addressed to Knesset Member Danny Danon (Likud), chairman of the Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee which recently held a closed-door discussion regarding Iranian Jews. Mossad representatives took part in the meeting.

In his email message, the Iranian soldier said he served in the Iranian military and has Jewish roots. He claimed his parents had become Muslims out of fear of the regime, but that his grandparents were Jewish and he sees himself as a Jew. He therefore requested assistance in moving to Israel.

The soldier also asked for instructions on how to leave Iran and reach Israel. He noted his dream is to live and study in Israel.

Mossad representatives recently told a Knesset committee that Iranian passports are issued only after mandatory military service is completed. As Jews do not serve in the military, they are forced to pay bribes to get passports.

In this case, it appears the soldier was recruited seeing as his parents had become Muslims. He has now decided to return to his Jewish roots.

Government agencies work out request

The Iranian’s request has been turned over to the Knesset Sergeant-at-Arms who will check whether Israel has any special protocol on how to deal with such cases. 

MK Danon is also working on the request together with the relevant elements in the defense establishment. The Foreign Ministry has been informed of the matter. 

The Iranian has been told to provide additional details with the promise that the Knesset will try to help him.

“He is basically asking us to rescue him and expressing his wish to move to Israel,” MK Danon told Yedioth Ahronoth.

“The new reality in the Middle East requires Israel to help any Jew wherever he is and right now we are treating him as a Jew. We must act with caution to assist specifically those Jews who turn to us from enemy states.”

Danon added: “Our current goal is to contact him and make sure he is alright. Jewish Agency representatives know how to go about this.”

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