Iran claims to have arrested U.S.-linked spy


Xinhua News

Iran has arrested a foreign spy who planned to form a social network for creating riots before the Iranian Majlis (Parliament) election, semi-official Mehr news agency reported Friday, without mentioning when the arrest was made.

The suspect, who is from one of Iran’s neighbors, was to receive millions of dollars from the United States to a social network, Mehr quoted Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi as saying.

In the past years, the Iranian authorities have been accusing the U.S. and Israeli intelligence services of spying on Iran’s military and nuclear programs.

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced on May 21 it had identified and dismantled a large spy network linked to the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and arrested 30 American- linked spies.

Iranian nuclear officials have also accused the United States and Israel of cyber-attacks on Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant computers but they have denied any serious damage to the facilities.

Three Americans, Josh Fattal, Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer, were arrested in Iran on July 31, 2009 for illegally entering Iran ‘s western border and were later charged with espionage. The U.S. government considered the charges totally unfounded.

Sarah Shourd was released by Tehran’s prosecutor in September on bail of 500,000 U.S. dollars due to her health situation, while another two are still detained in Iran.

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