I$raHell deception and contempt for the Palestinians, the US and international law


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem Jr

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today had the audacity to express doubt about the Palestinians’ desire for peace.
Welcoming US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is paying his 10th visit to Israel since taking up his post 11 months ago, Netanyahu said: “President Abbas must lead his people away from terrorism and incitement toward reconciliation and peace.” He added: “John, the people of Israel and I are prepared to make such an historic peace. But we must have a Palestinian partner who’s equally prepared to make this peace.”
The facts, however, tell a different story – a story of Israeli deception, negotiating in bad faith and contempt for the Palestinians , Israel’s own chief financier, the United States, and international law.
These are the facts:

  • The year 2013 witnessed over 20,000 serious Israeli violations against the occupied State of Palestine and its people, who have suffered violent attacks and incursions at the hands of Israel, the occupying power. These violations include attacks by both the Israeli authorities and Jewish settlers, as well as home demolitions, arbitrary arrests and the ongoing construction of illegal settlements.
  • Since the resumption of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations at the end of July 2013, Israel has announced almost 6,200 new Jewish squatter units throughout the occupied State of Palestine.

The facts of Israeli deception and contempt for the Palestinians, the United States and international law are outlined in the tables below, prepared by the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Negotiations Affairs Department. They summarize Israel’s violations of international law during 2013, with a particular focus on violations committed since the beginning of the latest series of negotiations, a process which is supposed to lead to a just and lasting peace.

Summary of Israeli violations of international law in 2013

Summary of Israeli violations of international law in 2013(Click here to download a large version)

Names of Palestinians killed by Israel in 2013

Names of Palestinians killed by Israel in 2013 (Click here to download a large version)

Settlement announcements and tenders 31 July – 31 December 2013

Settlement announcements and tenders July-December 2013
(Click here to download a large version)

Details of settlement tendering process

Details of settlement tendering process July-December 2013(Click here to download a large version)
Total number of settlement units announced from 31 July to 31 December 2013: 6,169
What these facts tell us is that the Palestinians have no Israeli partner for peace. None whatsoever.
It is past time that the international community, including Israel’s bankroller, the US, faced up to the facts and imposed comprehensive sanctions against the racist Jewish apartheid state.

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