Eight days into the revolt in Egypt and we are seeing Zionist Mu-Barak marshal his forces against the peaceful protesters.
Zionist Mu-Barak and his clique were caught off guard by the speed and vigour of the uprising against their corrupt rule, initially they were unsure what to do and just employed the Interior Ministry troops.
They were insufficient and thankfully overwhelmed, so then the military came into view, but again they were unsure precisely which side to commit to.
Zionist Mu-Barak has been pressurised both internally and externally, yet he’s not buckling, he’s clinging to power as best he can. He doesn’t want to go.
Mu-Barak assumes he can’t fully rely on the army, so he has brought in members of his party, the NDP and bolstered by those who benefited from his misrule they are now mounting the reaction that we see on TV.
Zionist Mu-Barak’s probable calculation is that they will be sufficient to cower the people’s revolt in Egypt, allow him to employe the Interior Ministry troops again and maybe the Army (despite their promises), and hold on.
The violence, instigated by Zionist Mu-Barak’s supporters, could give him a pretext for a clampdown, a violent and bloody one. He’s not held on to power for 30 years to give it up overnight and it would be naive to think that he would, he will cling on to the end.
But whatever happens Mu-Barak must go.

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