Interview with Mark Dankof, Political Commentator and Broadcaster: ‘Israeli rulers, Zionist fanatics’

Interview with Mark Dankof, political commentator and broadcaster, San Antonio
Now this is an insane scenario as your guest in Beirut has quite carefully and quite rightly articulated but I don’t know that we’re dealing with sane people when it comes to the kind of Zionist fanaticism that has characterized some of the most radical elements in the Likud government in Israel.”
Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari says a war on Iran “will eventually happen,” warning that the attack will lead to the Israeli regime’s obliteration.

“War will happen but it is not clear where and when,” Jafari said on Saturday.
The IRGC commander emphasized that they currently consider war as the only way to confront Iran but they are so stupid that their masters should stop them.
If they begin a task, it will spell their destruction and will be the end of their adventure, Jafari pointed out.
Press TV has conducted an interview with political commentator and broadcaster Mark Dankof from San Antonio to further discuss the issue.
The program also offers the opinions of two other guests: historian and investigative journalist Gary Porter and political analyst Kamel Wazne.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Tehran has heard many threats for years from Tel Aviv about attacking Iran. Why do you think that Israel has not attacked Iran until now?
Dankof: Perhaps it might be that the American military might be having some second thoughts about this and the basis of the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan that might be one angle. I mean recently you had General Martin Dempsey making some public statements indicating that he didn’t want to be signing on to an Israeli attack on your country.

[US special envoy to Israel] General [Anthony] Zinni made the rather sarcastic but very telling remark that if one liked Afghanistan, if one liked Iraq that one would love Iran. It may be that there are at least that there are a few sane voices in the American military and the intelligence community who are trying to overrule (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu, trying to talk sanity to the president and trying to overrule the very powerful Israeli lobby in the Congress.

This may be one angle. I’m not sure.
Press TV: Mr. Dankof, Gareth Porter has just said that basically Tel Aviv would not be able to rely on Washington. How likely do you think that is if Tel Aviv actually launched an attack do you think that they would try to actually force the hands of Washington and do you think that Washington would just be able to sit back and let it happen without getting involved themselves?
Dankof: I think that we would be involved because of the power of the Israeli lobby and the American Congress and because of the power of the Israeli lobby in our news media. What I’m particularly afraid of is a false flag incident that Israel would use as a pretext for attacking Iran with full American support. Something that could be penned on Iran; that in fact would be undertaken by the Israeli Mossad as I believe was the case with 9/11. Frankly when I look at this delisting of the Mujahidin-e Khalq or MEK this week as a terror organization by the US State Department when clearly the MEK has blood-stained hands all over it for many many many years.
It seems to me that when we understand the relationship between the MEK and the Israeli Mossad and all kinds of things going on in Iraq and in Iran and in Syria, it seems to me that the MEK would make for an excellent candidate for pulling off a false flag incident either in that part of the country or in that part of the world or in this country, the United States.
It’s not an accident for example that (American Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist) Sy (Seymour Myron) Hersch of the New Yorker has reported that the MEK when it was still listed as a terror organization by our state department was receiving paramilitary training in this country in a secret base in Nevada, courtesy of the United States’ Central Command.
So we have to ask ourselves a question, if 9/11 was a false flag attack as I have argued that it was and as I have told your Kourosh Ziabari with Fars News Agency recently that I believe that it was and that Israel was the core player behind that.
There were all kinds of things that they could arrange to ensure that American public opinion would suddenly become inflamed, that suddenly there would be a reversal of these poll numbers on these wars and that the public would be suckered into supporting this monstrous thing, when it’s not in the interest of the United States, it’s certainly not in the interest of the world.
Press TV: What about that Mr. Dankof what our guest in Beirut has said that Iran also is quite a power. Let’s look at it from the militaristic perspective; do you think that Israel is looking at that aspect of it that they know if they attack it will be responded towards and of course the commander of the Revolutionary Guard today, Commander Jafari said that if this attack takes place it would mean the end of the Zionist regime if that happens, your take on his comments?
Dankof: Well, I think that these comments are very well taken and frankly I agree with everything that our guest from Beirut has said today. I wish he was running for the presidency of the United States so that we could get rid of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and have this gentleman in there maybe at a conjecture with Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul because everything that he says is exactly true.
Unfortunately there were plenty of rational reasons for the United States not to invade either Afghanistan or Iraq and yet we did and we have been paying the price for that ever since.
It seems to me that when you again look at the power of the Israeli lobby that irrationality and sheer power alone many times overweigh all kinds of sane, rational decisions and policies and game plans such as the one that our guest from Beirut has very carefully and finely articulated. To me it gets back to a couple of things:
One is that Israel is not simply interested in removing Iran as a regional power player but Israel also understands that in terms of demographic statistics that the Zionist… [entity] is history just in the basis of birth rates and population differentials alone. Pat Buchanan has talked about this in his latest book and it seems to me that when you examine it from this vantage point, one particularly horrible scenario is that Israel’s desire to engage in their Eretz Yisrael vision, which is to expand their territories from the Nile river to the Tigress Euphrates river, will need a pretext of a major war to enable that to happen.
The other thing that we get back to is this whole business of false flag operations. To me it’s not an accident for example shortly after March of 2001 when Ehud Barack stepped down as the prime minister of Israel, that he showed up in the United States and he was in the United States as the representative of a company called SCP Holdings.
That company in turn was working with two registered companies in Wayne Pennsylvania who specialized in the making of nano-thermite, the very type of super nano-thermite that I believe and many other people believe was involved in bringing down the twin towers in New York, in bringing down building 7 in New York.

If that is factual and it’s just one of the things that Israeli citizens Micheal Chertoff (in charge of the Criminal Division in the Justice Department on 9/11) and (Dual US/Israel Citizen and 9/11 Commission Gatekeeper) Philip Zelikow weren’t going to investigate when it comes to what happened at 9/11, then we are in fact looking at a scenario where Israel and their cohorts at the project for the New American Century (PNAC) deliberately created a pretext with this false flag attack in the United States just as they attempted to with the USS Liberty attack in 1967 to create the climate for a full-fledged war in the Middle East that would have the full-fledged overt backing of the United States complete with hundreds of thousands of American troops if need be.

Now this is an insane scenario as your guest in Beirut has quite carefully and quite rightly articulated but I don’t know that we’re dealing with sane people when it comes to the kind of Zionist fanaticism that has characterized some of the most radical elements in the Likud government in Israel.
We’re certainly not dealing with sanity when it comes to the Christian Zionist fanatics in the United States, like John Hagee (founder and Senior Pastor of) Cornerstone Church (in San Antonio, Texas) who were supporting the Zionist entity and anything that it does.

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