October 6, 2010
by E. Paul Newell

Earth Earth

Can everyone on planet earth be so naive? Does everyone actually think that the “internet has given of so much freedoms? Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of,…. well free will, freedom to seek porn freely, freedom to seek the sickest of sick, on this truly sick and dieing planet, freedom to past info back and forth, freedom to plot, freedom to…. lets see, ya just let yourself go? Well think again.
This time try thinking with your brain, don’t ask someone else to do it for you, don’t “Google” the answer, don’t try to study it, just answer from your gut. This (INTERNET) is just another link in the mighty chain that binds you and will now gag you bringing you just to the edge of death, and then revive you just to see if you will now capitulate to your captors. Think about the word it self well two words Inter- Net, Inter-net, yes say it over and over until it makes some real sense to you, Really it is time to stop letting others think for you, try it for your own just this time if you will.
Each government in each country has come out and told it’s citizens that “no don’t worry we do not have a secret file on each and every individual, well some country s just don’t give a crap they just tell it like it is (“yeah we have a file on you so stay in line punk”) oh you mean those old paper documents ….oh ya well we used to have files ya we needed them because of War Efforts and so forth. But hey we destroyed them don’t worry.”
Every person now who buys a computer and goes on line, or is a part of the electronic world is being tracked and digitally recorded, for what well just in case that you might try and do something or maybe you are a terrorist, or maybe you have something against the government. Or hey what better way to well just weed out the “Riff Ra ff.” But Hey that’s all fixed now gov does not need to keep a file on you anymore you are giving of it yourself “FREELY”
Wow how stupid are we. “Freedom” does not exist for the common folk, only for those that have surpassed a certain bank account figure. If anyone does not think this to be real you only fool yourself, however because you fool your self you also make it difficult for others who know and accept the truth and are willing to do something about it, that is like being ….well what’s called a cock-blocker… it’s a term used in the engine room of a ship.
See “Sailors Anonymous” or “B.S. Writers Guide”. Joe Biden wants a “KILL SWITCH” not for the country’s security reasons but for his security reasons him and his buddies because when the truth gets just to close to them they can kill any and all ability to carry out any more efforts to properly and truthfully inform the people, thus allowing for these freaks to carry on with their illegal activity, global scale. But at the same time have so much info on everyone, that anybody who even try’s to set against them, they will surly bury, as they did bury the towers. 911 so sick of that??? ya. 
Well 911 was just that and emergency to get on track with one world order, you see it was slipping quickly and nobody was cooperating so it became a real emergency. Brought down like a house of cards was every system that had been built by the forefathers and mothers to protect the civil and human rights of each and every individual. 60 years plus worth of honest hard work from many many good people a lot dead now. But most not forgotten. But also 60 years of devious work on the inside to help this fall. What will the people do now ??? Continue the blind march into their voided destiny as seen fit by the perpetrators of the biggest holocaust ever preformed.
The main threats to world peace are, “world monetary system”, “world banks”, (world bankers) all very much out there in the public eye for all to see what they are doing…. “world tribunals”, “world trade”, (controlled) “one world order” “united nations” (garbled mandate) “world health organization” hmmmm world peace not likely while these groups are allowed to continue their world order ( “domination”) mandate. “KILL SWITCH” FOR THE WORLD ORDER MANDATE CRIMINALS.

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