Insane USIC report blames Russia for telling the truth


Confession: I helped the “Russian hackers” (RT) “undermine Americans’ confidence in their ‘democracy’” (by telling the truth)

By Kevin Barrett

Donald Trump is right about one thing: The breathlessly-awaited United States Intelligence Community Report blaming Russia for hacking the 2016 election is a joke.

I’m not saying that as a Trump fan. From where I sit, the Trump Administration is shaping up to be a real disaster, possibly orders of magnitude beyond what we have experienced under Obama.

But the USIC Report is as dumb as anything Trump has ever said, which as we all know is about as dumb as dumb gets.

A third of the USIC Report is devoted to bashing Russia Today (RT). Why? Because two RT programs, “Breaking the Set” and “The Truthseeker,” have exposed US government corruption, and because RT “broadcast, hosted, and advertised third-party candidate debates.”

THAT is “undermining Americans’ confidence in their electoral processes”?! Dear Vladimir Putin: PLEASE undermine us some more! If you keep undermining us this way, we may eventually get our democracy back.

I have appeared on both “Breaking the Set” and “The Truthseeker.” They were RTs best two shows. Unfortunately, both were canceled due to pressure from “the Atlanticist faction” which is Russian for “Zionist bankster NATO stooges.”

“9/11 and Operation Gladio” (transcript here) was going viral and heading for millions of views on youtube when it was released during the run-up to September 11th, 2013.  Then the NSA (and/or the Israelis to whom they give all their raw data) took action. Suddenly the show disappeared from all search engines, including the youtube search engine. Emails including the url for the show disappeared into a black hole in cyberspace, never arriving yet never bouncing. This “hacking of American democracy” by our own USIC stopped the show from going viral and prevented Americans from learning things that could have helped them restore democracy to their country.

Listen to my Truth Jihad Radio interview with Elizabeth Woodworth on the “Search Engine Manipulation and Youtube Suppression” of this RT episode

Obviously RT’s real crime, according to the United States Intelligence Community, has been to occasionally tell the truth to the American people.

With an “intelligence community” like this, who needs a stupidity community?

The whole USIC report appears to be a red herring. Its real purpose, unfortunately, is not to undermine the Trump administration, which deserves all the undermining it can get. The USIC report is not even aimed at Russia. Its real target is alternative media.

The US “intelligence community” is really a bunch of drug-dealing mass-murdering criminals. In his new book The CIA as Organized Crime, Douglas Valentine argues that calling CIA drug-running, false flags, and other illegal activities “corruption” is inaccurate, because those activities are in fact the Agency’s real mission. The CIA, Valentine asserts, is “the organized crime branch of the US government.” (Listen to my new interview with Valentine here.)

RT is just the US alternative media with better production values. The USIC report is angry at the alternative media for exposing the truth and undermining Americans’ faith not just in elections, but in their entire government and the criminals who own it. So it uses the Russian Bogeyman to push the real talking point: “Anyone who tells the truth, and thereby undermines Americans’ faith in their almost infinitely corrupt institutions, is a pro-Russian traitor.”

I’m not pro-Russian. I’m pro-truth. I guess that makes me even more dangerous than RT.

I hope RT dumps the infiltrators responsible for canceling The Truthseeker and Breaking the Set and continues to “undermine Americans’ faith” by telling the truth.

And I plan to personally continue undermining Americans’ confidence in the horrific power structure that has taken over their country until that power structure finally collapses under its own weight.


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