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Many media outlets claim to be “independent” and therefore different in their coverage from well-funded corporate media, but what does this truly mean?

To maintain our independence, Global Research does not seek financial support from any private or public foundations. It’s not that we don’t answer to anyone — rather, we answer to everyone. We have been able to develop our activities thanks entirely to contributions from our readers.

However, maintaining our projects, websites and operations does involve some very real costs, and the fact that we are independent means that we operate on a shoestring budget. We would not survive a day without the support of our readers.

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“Global Research is key to understanding socio-economic political issues in the world.  The transnational corporate class of the global one percent is protected by the US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire. Political propaganda released by the corporate media in service to Empire is exposed daily in articles by the writers at Global Research.

Democracy, Human Rights, and Social Justice continue as progressive values for most people in the world.  Providing the truth about Empire and repression is something Global Research does very well. I fully endorse their work for my students and all thinking people.”

– Peter Phillips, PhD
Professor Sociology—Sonoma State University
Former President, Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored

Without the support of our readers, Global Research would not exist.

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