In the Second Case of Its Kind, PCHR Succeeds in Ensuring Reparation for the Family of Two Victims of the Israeli Offensive in Gaza


The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) was able to secure reparation for the family of Kassab and Ibrahim Shurrab, who were killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) during “Operation Cast Lead” (27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009).  PCHR was able to conclude a settlement of 430,000 NIS (approximately USD 107,500) with representatives of the Israeli military prosecution, which will be paid to the victims’ family within the upcoming weeks in return for the closing of their claim.

On 16 January 2009, the IOF opened fire for no reason and without prior warning at the car Mohammed Kassab Shurrab and his two sons – Kassab (28) and Ibrahim (18) – were traveling in, during a humanitarian truce declared by the IOF to allow Palestinian civilians to obtain necessary goods.  As a result of the Israeli gunfire, the car collided into a wall.  Shortly after, Israeli soldiers stationed in a nearby house headed towards the car.  They ordered Mohammed Kassab Shurrab and his two sons to get out of the care before they began firing at them.  Kassab was killed instantly and Ibrahim was wounded in his leg by a bullet.  The following day, Ibrahim died as the IOF denied him access to medical treatment.

After PCHR was authorized on 08 March 2009 to be the legal representative for the Shurrab family, PCHR submitted a civil complaint to the Compensation Office of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, according to applicable legal procedures, demanding compensation for the family.  It also submitted a criminal complaint to the Israeli military prosecution – the Southern Command – demanding that an investigation into the crime be opened and that all responsible Israeli soldiers be held accountable.

As PCHR did not receive any response to either the civil or criminal complaints and was concerned that the family would lose their chance for justice before the end of the two-year statute of limitation period enforced by Israel, on 19 August 2010, PCHR filed a compensation claim before the Haifa Magistrate Court demanding compensation for the Shurrab family for the killing of their two sons by the IOF.

PCHR supported the claim with documentary evidence supporting its argument that the IOF were unequivocally responsible for the deaths of the two civilians, which forced the Israeli prosecution to seek a settlement to close the claim.

This is the second case in which PCHR was able to ensure compensation through a settlement with the Israeli prosecution for victims of “Operation Cast Lead” in the Gaza Strip.  In July 2011, PCHR was able to reach a similar settlement, under which the Abu Hajjaj family obtained 500,000 NIS as financial compensation for closing the case of Raya Abu Hajjaj (64) and her daughter Majida (37), who were killed by the IOF during “Operation Cast Lead.”

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