In Defense of 21st Century Judaism and IsraHell


by Johnny Punish

Not all Jews are Zionists and NOT all Zionists are Jews. There is a big difference. One is a religion and other a political movement. More, all Arabs are Semites and NOT all Jews are Semites! Read that again! Okay! Furthermore, NOT every Jew is an evil global banker! So let’s stop that non-cents as well.
Look, the reason you need to read this is that we are all being duped into hate, violence, racism and bigotry and it’s non-sense. And worse, it’s hurting each and every one of us.
With over 14 million people worldwide who practice Judaism and only about 5 million of those who live in Israel, Judaism and Israel are NOT one in the same. (Judaism Online)
Heck, most people who practice Judaism that I know won’t even consider moving to Israel. They love where they live. Israel is NOT their home. More, most peoples who practice Judaism are NOT even Semites. Their ancestry is European and not from the Middle Eastern cultures.

  • So what is going on here?
  • Why do we have all these things convoluted?
  • Why are we so confused?
  • Who is trying to confuse us?

Stop! Hey! What’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down….
Israel is a country not a religion. This is a fact.
Israel has almost 30% of its population non-Jewish. Judaism is a religion with deep roots starting in African continent and transcending nation state borders worldwide. It’s always been a minority religion and remains such worldwide. Relax! Oh, and a Semite is a person who comes from the Middle Eastern cultures; namely Arabs, Hebrews, and more… read the wiki definition…... In other words, a Semite is NOT exclusively a person who practices Judaism. Get it? Got it? Good!
Now, fast forward to our 21st century and some are still trying to sell us a bag of you know what and it’s not cool anymore; especially in the USA where the vast majority have no clue where Israel is even located, let alone its demographics or political realities.
For example, if one challenges the policy of the nation state of Israel, one is branded an anti-Semite. Yes, it’s non-sense. And yes there are millions of well-intentioned uninformed Americans who buy in to this weird disposition. It’s batshit crazy, I know. But that’s how powerful the main stream media can be over time when it sells an agenda dominated by a ruling elite who have an interest in perpetuating bigotry, racism, hate, war, and more war. It’s a game of global money power politics at the highest level with an extreme dose of contempt for humanity.
The nation state of Israel and its assigns go around selling Zionism as if it’s a religion. They using Judaism and the good people who practice it with full faith and integrity. And they use every card in the book to further their agenda including abusing the poor hard working Americans who practice devout Christianity in their churches all the while being told that if they save Israel they will save themselves. So they support everything Israel without question creating a cultish disposition. Can you believe it? I know, it’s bizarre but it’s also very true.
So these normally kind and giving Christians stand by and donate time and money to a nation state of Israel who brings in Euro-American-Russian settlers to push out, by any means necessary, the indigenous Semites who have been living there for hundreds of years. It’s a trail of tears for the 21st century. And it’s insane. It’s time to call out the leaders who sell this non-sense and hold them accountable because it’s anti-American, anti-Israeli, and anti-Human!
Look, the real truth for all of us to understand is that we’ve all been duped; Muslims, Christians, Jews and pagans alike. We’ve been lied to by global leaders with an agenda. They want us to hate each other in this new 21st Century because they profit from us when we oblige them.
The real truth is that people are people and most all want the same thing.
We all want the freedom to work, live, love, laugh and cry and have our faith. We want to share and enjoy our humanity. We don’t want war, killings and we are sick and tired of being pushed by faux leaders who sell us the garbage of division.
YouTube – Veterans News Now –
Look, when my mother was young, back in Haifa Palestine, like her, her neighbors were Semitic peoples; one Muslim family, the other a family who practiced Judaism and her family, Greek orthodox Christians. And they all got along great. The kids would play in the streets and enjoy one another.
It was the warped 20th century adults that gave in to fear not the kids. So they infected and imposed their bias on the children who were no match for their conditioning. For those peoples, they did NOT have the knowledge we all now have.
Back then, it was easy to hate. Today, with the information superhighway and the lovely social networks that allow us to talk to our friends in Russia, India, and more….we all realize that there is no more color, no more bigotry and no more borders that divide us. We’re all human beings!

But then again, I am talking about the new generation of young peoples. These young people see the failure that was the 20th century generations and they don’t want it. But of course, it’s still forced on these future global humans by these old crusty jerks that sell division and hate.
So when my kids ask me, “Hey day, when will this all end?” sadly I tell them, we have to wait for the old crusties to die off who hold on to power in old crusty corridors of power. Then we need to gut their system and replace with it a new one that fits our new paradigm. And it will happen!
And to all ye haters out there, check it.
Israel will exist and it will be democratic with rights for all people including those who choose to practice any religion. It won’t be Jewish, Christian or Muslim. It will be a free country. The demographics will dictate. And Palestine will exist because Palestinians exist. But they will be friends with their neighbors and the politics of hate will go away because it brought no rewards when the old people ran things. They failed badly and failure is always shown the door; especially in the light speed socialized global world of this new century.
Memo to Old Crusties: Give up now because there is no other way…. so why pretend otherwise? If you continue to sell division, you will go down in history as a complete and utter failure. You will be an icon for failure and a laughing stock. So end it now and give yourself a chance at redemption.
Postscript: You can depend on Brother Johnny Punish to call out the haters one by one. I don’t care what faith they supposedly represent or what country they are from or what color they are. If they hurt our kids anymore, I will come after them. Sell positive cooperation and love, and you got a friend. Sell hate and violence and you get punished by Punish! I make that commitment and will continue to shine lights on the insane who try to pull a fast one on us the good global peoples. And I also call on you to join in and be part of this new 21st Century paradigm. It’s here and our future is written all over it. It’s calling us and it’s time to answer!

We’re All Human Beings

YouTube – Veterans News Now –

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