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Imam Khomeini’s decision to open Palestinian embassy shows nature of Islamic Revolution

Talal Atrissi (@TalalAtrissi) | Twitter

Talal Atrisi

Speaking with Qods News Agency on the occasion of the anniversary of opening the Palestinian embassy in Tehran, Director General of the Beirut Center for Strategic Studies Talal Atrisi said that “the first major step taken by the Islamic Revolution was shutting down the embassy of the Zionist regime.”

“This was a big, explicit and bold action, which was the direct order of Imam Khomeini, and clearly showed the anti-Zionist nature of the Islamic Revolution,” Talal Atrisi added.

The sociology professor also pointed to the role of Iran in undermining the presence of Israel in the region.

“Tension between Iran and Western countries was increased from the beginning of the Islamic Revolution because Iran’s approach towards Israel was different than their policies.”

Talking about the key role of Imam Khomeini in changing Palestine’s status in the international community, Atrisi noted that “Imam Khomeini institutionalized the support for Palestine in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Supporting Palestine has been a steady position in Iran, and that led Zionists to put all of their efforts to counter the Iranian Revolution.”

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