Illuminati "Subvert the Dominant Paradigm"

Turning the culture on its head (revolution)
 is what Hollywood (and Satanism)
 are all about.

by L.C. Vincent 
A very common pattern/theme exhibited by Illuminati Jewish films and TV shows is reversal, not only of sexual roles, but biological and cultural roles and familial relationships. Inverting the natural and spiritual order is the essence of Satanism.

The same twisted idea can be seen in the Arnold Schwarznegger film “Junior” where he somehow becomes pregnant. The real, symbolic message is the castration and feminization of virile White males. Or as the bumper sticker slogan so succinctly states: “Subvert the Dominant Paradigm.”
folkers1.jpegThere are other telling signs. For instance, “Meet the Fokkers” centers around the in -laws: an uptight (Christian) father (Robert DeNiro) inter-acting with Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand as “anything goes” (Jewish) sex therapists.
Sex, for the minds that conjure this trash, has nothing to do with spirituality or even relationships of tenderness and caring. Sex is solely for sensory gratification — nothing more.
This is repeatedly emphasized in the film when we see both Hoffman and Streisand covered with whip cream, trying something ‘new’ and ‘different’, while making fun of the stuffy gentile character played by Robert DeNiro. The subliminal message is simple — if it feels good, do it! Or in satanist Aleister Crowley’s words, “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” 
Another way to determine whether the writers and/or producer of the film are Illuminati Jews with an agenda is their obsession with bodily functions.
“Poop” and “fart” jokes, sounds, smells, visual references to feces ETC. are a constant undercurrent.
Since Satanists deny the existence of a divine soul in man, they degrade us to the level of animals.  
Then, there is the obsession with huge female breasts — not surprising since this culture is female centered, which also explains the strange fact that Jewishness is passed down thru the female branch of the family, unlike most other cultures on Earth.
homealone.jpegAgain,in these movies,  the youngest children always have all the answers; and the older children and/or adults are always the dumb ones manipulated by the youngest.
This stands life experience on its head.It creates doubt in the minds of the adults as to whether they are sufficiently “modern” (or ‘hep’ or ‘with it’ or ‘cool’ or ‘in the know’, etc.)  when in reality, it should be the young children who doubt their own behaviour in regard to the adult world.
The nebbish role has almost become the standby of two Jewish actors — Woody Allen and now Adam Sandler — who somehow come out on top despite never the traditional attributes of the hero (bravery, courage, tactical imagination, inspirational leadership).

SANDLER.jpeg Things always fall into place, and Sandler always gets the girl (who is nearly always a blue eyed blonde!) and the audience collectively shrugs its shoulders. The idea is subconsciously implanted that courage, bravery, vision, wisdom, verbal acuity and the ability to lead and inspire are obsolete virtues with no relevance to “today’s” heroes.
Subconscious subversion, subliminal sexual symbolism, sleaze and exploitation, corruption of values and the distortion of the fundamental elements of a stable culture — all remain the target of these cultural assassins whose only pleasure is to destroy every last vestige of virtue and dignity in our society.
[Makow: The Cabalist Jew, in his Luciferian rebellion against God, is alienated by definition. He has rejected the natural and spiritual order, because he is not In Charge. He is the perpetual outsider, the “anti-hero.”  He has chosen this role and wants to cast mankind in his image, coming between man and God.]

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