Illegal Nazi settlement on stolen Palestinian land

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We believe in a future where Palestinians live in freedom and dignity and equality – where they can live safely in their homes in Jerusalem, without threat of forced displacement. Jewish tradition teaches us that nothing is as important as human life, and we want a future that lives into that principle.

Yesterday the Israeli Supreme Court, including at least one judge who lives in an illegal settlement on stolen Palestinian land, attempted to legalize the illegal theft of Palestinian homes by Israeli settlers. Demanding that Palestinians sign away their rights to the land and homes they’ve lived in for decades is no offer at all. A solution from a legal system that only allows one ethnic group to make claims to land is no solution. A compromise that enshrines apartheid is no compromise.

This is how apartheid works. This is the logical result of the Zionist movement. There can be no justice from Israeli courts, which continue to uphold the racist Nation-state Law that privileges Jewish Israeli rights, and no lasting solution that is not grounded in justice. 

Palestinians who rightfully defend their homes and community in Sheikh Jarrah stand firm. We must continue to stand with them. #MakeNoiseForJerusalem #SaveSheikhJarrah

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