Ilan Pappe on Hard Talk

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Ilan Pappe joined the board of Deir Yassin Remembered in the good times – but then so did lots of other ‘good Jews’ – Marc Ellis, Jeff Halper, Norman Finkelstein and Jeff Blankfort etc. But when things got tough and their solidarity careers were threatened they all left. But ten years later, Ilan Pappe remains.

Apart from his historical analysis of who did what to whom in 1948, there’s a lot Professor Pappe stands for with which I don’t agree but, like Gideon Levy in my previous post, there’s a lot I admire and respect.
Here, under Stephen Sacker’s relentless, often bullying but still well-informed barracking, a lot of Pappe’s contradictions are laid bare.BTW, what to my mind is noteworthy: How come the premier voice, at least certainly the premier historical voice in Palestine solidarity is an Israeli Jew?

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