هدنة حي الوعر.. وقف لإطلاق النار تمهيداً لتحقيق المصالحةAbu Dhuhoor Airbase:  After suffering one setback after another at Nibbul and Al-Zahraa`, the terrorists who belong to the Alqaeda franchise, Jabhat Al-Nusra, have called it quits at the Abu Dhuhoor Airbase.  They sent wave after wave of suicide truck bombers, and, in some instances, saw the trucks explode before getting within range of the airbase perimeter, killing tens of their terrorists who were confidently marching behind them.  The Syrian Army had many advantages over these pre-Iron Age heretics: the first was excellent intelligence, from Russian and Chinese satellites; the second was on-the-ground spotting; the third was help from the local population which regularly called in movements of the enemy.  On top of that are new technologies, superior air support and air intelligence, drone intelligence, unlimited access to supplies; denial of resupply to the enemy; and most of all: the enemy’s inherent backwardness and inability to adjust to changing situations.  It is reported reliably that Nusra lost over 1,500 rodents to the SAA trying to overrun this airbase.  They have no more terrorists to throw at it.  They are withdrawing to reinforce the northern tier of Idlib before the SAA reaches the Turk border.  SAA is cleaning up the area with little resistance.Taftanaaz:  This is the location of the aging helicopter repair base which the BBC was touting as a “great victory” for the terrorists after they occupied it.  Not one single benefit to Nusra has been shown from its presence there.  Not one single disadvantage to the SAA has been shown from the same event.  In any case, the SAA invaded 2 terrorist nests near the base on January 11, 2015 and killed 13 criminals:

Nadeem Qashshoor

Misbaah Al-Naasser

Mahmoud Subh


I have no other names.

Qumaynaas:  On-going fighting with rats holding on tenaciously.  An SAA reinforcement brigade is going to arrive shortly to finish the rodents.

Sirmeen Area:  SAA cleaning up Nusra terrorists here.

Hallooz Village:  Overlooking Jisr Al-Shughoor, it is now the scene of an intense rat-hunt as mostly foreign terrorists try to reconnect with their organizations.  Dead rats exceed 80 since January 11, 2015.

Fighting heavy in these areas: Khaan Al-Subul, Kooreen, Binnish, Qar’ Al-Ghazaal, Talab, Al-Dibshiyya, Tal Salmu, Kafr Najd, Kinsafra, Mar’ayyaan


ضربات نارية مكثفة للجيش تستهدف مقرات الإرهابيين في ريف حمص الشرقيAs SyrPer predicted days ago, the Nusra vermin inside the last suburb of Homs which they infested, are going to surrender and/or withdraw completely.  Mayor Barazaani is heading the Syrian government negotiations with members of the military at his side.   There will be a cease-fire for a period of 7 days to show good faith.  After that, if everything goes smoothly, those elements of the terrorist groups which have no record of atrocities will be permitted into the Amnesty Program.  Others, who will surrender with the understanding they will do time in prison for their acts, are few in number and have, evidently, acceded to the terms.  Foreign rodents will be bused to Damascus for flights to their home countries (fancy that!) if they will be allowed to return.  Otherwise, they will be held in detention for as long as it takes to repatriate them.


Trpintel sends us a new take on the feeding frenzy related to the gas pipeline. Ziad has been writing about this for some time now, but, it’s nice to see others taking these ideas to more elevated levels:

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The Ukrainian junta will collapse if this is true:

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