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Ask Newsnight to apologise for inaccurately portraying me as unemployed
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Dear All


Last week, I got a call from my manager at work asking if I’d be

happy to be interviewed by Newsnight about working as a young

single parent.

Of course I’d be happy to do that, being a working mum is

something I’m proud of but I didn’t expect to be personally


So I was devastated to see the interview that went to air on BBC2 on Wednesday that had been

edited to make it look like I was an unemployed scrounger, questioned why I didn’t live with my

parents and made no mention of my job with Tower Hamlets Council.

I’ve worked since I was 16 and I only get help towards my rent because it is so high. The way that the

programme has portrayed me is totally unfair so I’ve started a campaign on asking

Newsnight to tell me why they felt it was OK to humiliate me in this way and publicly apologise for it.

Please click here to watch the interview and add your support.

In the full interview, the reporter even asked me if I thought it was right to have had my daughter. I

couldn’t believe the question. I am proud of being a working mum. I do my very best, and these

questions were really offensive.

Please join me in calling for a public apology from Newsnight and ensuring that others aren’t inaccurately represented.


Shanene Thorpe

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