We want to end the corporate handouts. Will you help?

BP splatter
Help us raise $10,000 to launch an emergency campaign to Stop Big Oil’s Bailout.


Did Congress and BP forget who was responsible for the Gulf oil spill? Seems that way to us, since BP not only is asking the government to do most of the cleanup work but also is going after OUR tax dollars for their own coffers. They’re trying to take a $10 billion tax deduction as a result of the spill.1
That’s only the latest handout. Before the disaster, BP was already getting a quarter million dollars per day in tax breaks for leasing the Deepwater Horizon well. AND the other oil companies are in on the game too, avoiding about $4 billion in taxes every year.2
So, how do we fix it? We think it’s time to stop giving government handouts to rich, dirty, fossil fuel companies and start investing in clean energy instead.
We’ve got a plan to make it happen. But we need to raise $10,000 this week to get it started.

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It’s not like TrueMajority members have been sitting around while BP’s Gulf disaster unfolded:

  • Over 10,000 of us pledged to boycott BP, refusing to buy gas from BP stations until the company cleans up the spill. BP has seen a 40 percent drop in sales in locations across the country.

  • Over 38,000 of us told President Obama that this disaster proves why offshore oil drilling is a bad idea and that it’s time to abandon ALL offshore drilling and focus on clean energy instead.

  • Most important — over 50,000 people joined our Stop Big Oil Bailouts campaign to end subsidies and tax breaks to Big Oil companies like BP. That’s the biggest response we’ve seen to a campaign all year, and it’s the project we want to make even bigger, if we have the resources.

If 300 of us donate $35 right now, we’ll be able to keep fighting BP’s bailout, even after the spill is cleaned up.

Donate now to help make it happen.

Your donation will help us do the following: hire a new organizer to take this fight into the districts of members of Congress this summer, write up powerful new research to show you how much money YOUR member of Congress took from BP and other dirty energy companies, and build a campaign that takes the fight all the way from your town to the White House and Capitol Hill.
Thanks for making a difference so far and helping us continue the fight.
Japhet Els
TrueMajority / USAction
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