How to Register to Vote


Dear All,

You could have just two days left to register to vote this May. [1] If you’re not registered, it will mean you can’t vote in the elections or to decide if we get a new voting system.
If you might not be registered to vote (perhaps because you’ve moved or had your 18th birthday), then you can find out how to sign up here – it’s free and it only takes 5 minutes:
Please forward this email to anyone you know who might appreciate a reminder!
Voting will happen across the UK on 5 May. We’ll all get a chance to vote on changing the way MPs are elected. Many of us will also get the chance to vote in Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or local elections. But if you’re not registered, you can’t vote.
38 Degrees brings hundreds of thousands of us together to make change happen on the issues we choose together. That often means working together to put pressure on politicians once they are elected – for example with petitions, emails, visits or phone calls.
But in a few weeks, we each have a chance to have a more direct say on who is in charge. So however you want to vote, please make sure you are allowed to use it by making sure you are registered.
Thanks for getting involved,
Hannah, David, Johnny, and the 38 Degrees team
P.S. Over 250,000 of us have now signed the petition calling for a complete rethink on the government’s NHS plans. There are some signs that our pressure is working, but we need to keep it up! Please click here to add your name:

[1] The deadlines to register differ across the UK. According to the BBC: “In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the deadline for applying to register to vote is midnight 14 April and in Scotland by midnight on 15 April. To register for a postal vote, people across the UK must apply by 1700 BST on 14 April”.


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