How the Zionist Media Steals from Gentiles


by Mike Stathis


Wall Street utilizes creative schemes that defraud investors of hundreds of billions of dollars each year. But perhaps the most overlooked element of fraud comes from the Zionist media. The Zionist mafia has designed countless ways to steal from gentiles. And they won’t hesitate using these methods on other Jews as long as money is involved.

Among the tactics used by the media to siphon money from the public, the two most common methods occur by manipulation and discrimination. The former method involves steering investors in the wrong direction while the insiders take their money.

I have discussed the media’s role in this type of fraud on several occassions. And you can besure that I will continue to expose more of this fraud in the future.

The later method is indirect because it involves promotion of Jews for the purpose of enriching their business. I call this “theft by discrimination.” It is pervasive not only in the media, but also in corporate America. It is this method of fraud that I will focus on here.

Once you compile a list of the names of the producers, editors and reporters, economic and investment experts, and other individuals positioned as experts by the media, you will notice a common theme; control of the media, Hollywood, Wall Street, the banking system, corporate America, the educational system, legal system and so forth by a group that comprises only 2% of the population. This is all the work of Jewish networking and discrimination against gentiles. This is a fact.

A more obvious example to me, given that I am in the financial industry can be seen by pointing to the financial media. For instance, Jewish-run CNBC, Bloomberg, FBN, Barron’s the Wall Street Journal and so forth focus on promoting Jews as investment experts despite that fact that most of them have amassed very poor track records.

Mass media exposure afforded to Jews by the Jewish media enables these individuals to make tens of millions of dollars selling their books and financial services to naive individuals looking for pathways to wealth but lacking common sense to see through con artists.

Media exposure provides these Jewish charlatans with millions of dollars in free marketing. It also affords them the opportunity to establish a track record by stating their views. Thus, in addition to withholding economic opportunity from more accomplished and credible experts who happen to be gentiles, the Jewish media discriminates in favor of Jews. As a result of these actions, the Jewish media actually causes indirect economic damage to individuals it elects to ban/ignore by not allowing them to establish their track record in a media venue that can be referenced at a later date.

I cannot express to you how damaging the effects of this discrimination have been to me. To simply point out the fact that the Jewish media has cost me tens of millions of dollars in lost income (which I was never seeking or I would have sold out like others) would not begin to approach the real level of damage I have suffered.

The reality is that those selected to the media club aren’t telling the audience what they really need to know for one reason or another. In some cases, they are clueless. In other cases, they intentionally steer the audience in the wrong direction in order to pitch their services to sheep. Regardless of the reason for their misinformation, in most cases these messengers are Jewish.

As the late Eustace Mullins said, “anyone seen in the media cannot be trusted because they have been bought off.”
I would add that in some cases, the media intentionally selects naïve individuals who will support their agendas without realizing it. Either way, if they are in the media on a regular basis, they cannot and should not be trusted as a credible and unbiased source of analysis or insight on anything.

A perfect example of the Jewish-run media promoting Jews as a manner by which to both deceive its audience all while enriching its own tribe can be seen by examination of the case of Peter Schiff.

The Jewish-run media provided Schiff with daily opportunities to market himself, his firm and his largely deluded ideas regarding the U.S. and global economies.

Remember, this is the man who was scaring everyone stupid enough to pay attention to the media by insisting that the U.S. would experience hyperinflation, the dollar would go to zero while the euro would soar, the European economy would do much better than the U.S. economy, China would be completely insulated from the effects of the economic downturn in the U.S. and so on. This was of course all part of his sales pitch to entice Main Street to send money to his firm, Europacific Capital which many did.

As a result of his mass media exposure, Schiff grew his once tiny firm from three employees to more than 150 as people sent him billions to invest. Schiff went from a modest income and a rented house to a multimillion dollar income and the purchase of a large house, all while boasting his new status as a part of the 1%.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this entire story is that Schiff actually thinks his so-called “success” was due to his results. If poor results were rewarded this generously, the homeless would be living in mansions. Of course, that scenario is possible as long as the homeless are Jewish. I think you get the point.

When I pointed out to Schiff that his so-called success was largely due to the mass media exposure granted to him because he is Jewish, he had no response. The problem is that most people simply have no idea what’s really going on with the economy, nor do they know the track records of the so-called experts in the media. As a result, even after spelling things out as I have, they still fail to understand my complaint.

Apparently Peter and I disagree when it comes to the definition of success. I view success as one who tries to help people and puts his own interests in the back seat for the benefit of society; one who is unwilling to sell out in order to advance his own interests. Of course, Schiff thinks greed is good, so it should come as no surprise why we have different views on measures of success, morality and other issues.

It continues to amaze me how so many people actually think hyperinflation is coming to the U.S. If you believe that you have been had by gold bugs. I suggest you get up to speed and read some of my previous articles discussing why hyperinflation is virtually impossible in the U.S. Thereafter, you are likely to feel a bit embarrassed because it’s quite easy to understand why.

I won’t get into the performance of Schiff’s recommendations, as this has been discussed previously. In addition, his books (at least one of which I suspect was not even written by him) generated millions of dollars in sales, despite their poor utility for investors.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

YouTube – Veterans Today –


So much for his book Crash Proof. Perhaps Schiff realized the book was anything but crash-proof which might be the reason why he “wrote” Crash Proof 2.0, as a second attempt. Perhaps the title of the book should have been Crash Prone. Ironically, 2.0 shows broken glass on the cover as if to indicate that you weren’t getting what was sold.

The thing that really highlights the power of media exposure is the fact that Schiff’s book is known by and was read by many people. In contrast, America’s Financial Apocalypse is still virtually unknown (although top fund managers and Wall Street insiders have read it) even though it was released BEFORE Schiff’s book and even though it remains to this day as the most comprehensive and accurate predictor of the details of the economic collapse. So why then have very few people read this book?

Because the Jewish crooks in publishing and media have banned me and this book.
Why have they banned me and the book?

Because the game is to promote individuals who are either pro-Wall Street or else their views are so wrong or extreme that at the end of the day, the audience will eventually flock back into the arms of Wall Street. The last thing the Jewish media crooks would want is to air a real expert who is willing and able to help Main Street take money from Wall Street.

If anyone can prove that Crash Proof merely approaches the insight and forecasts provided in America’s Financial Apocalypse (as determined by a third party auditing firm) I will personally give you $10,000. In fact, Crash Proof is a joke when compared to America’s Financial Apocalypse.

I urge you to compare both books. Read each one. Take notes and compare. The first thing you will notice is that America’s Financial Apocalypse did not serve as a sales and marketing tool for my firm. In contrast, you will note that Schiff mentioned his firm every few pages.
Next, you will notice that Schiff makes generalizations but never makes specific forecasts. In contrast, America’s Financial Apocalypse made hundreds of specific forecasts, and virtually everyone of them has materialized. Then you will truly understand that the media keeps screwing you by banning credible unbiased experts while promoting Jews regardless of their track record or bias.

The Jewish media crime bosses are always looking for credible experts who refuse to sell out to corporate interests in order to line their pockets. And when they find these rare individuals, they are black-balled from the entire Jewish media monopoly. This is why America’s Healthcare Solution was banned as well. The media works with Washington and corporate America to make sure Americans do not hear the truth. This is the way it works.

As the leading expert on the economic collapse (a claim I have backed with a $100,000 reward to anyone who can prove otherwise), because the media has banned me, no one knows who I am.

So when I submitted a complaint to the SEC showing how Washington Mutual was seized for no reason and banks engaged in insider trading to take the stock price down, no one knew when the SEC swept this complaint under the table.
And when the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission interviewed me and later dropped interest after I linked the cause of the financial crisis to Wall Street criminals, no one was aware of this. I have been a sole voice in an otherwise empty forest.

Meanwhile, America’s dumbest actually think guys like Schiff and other members of the Jewish media club are on their side. Yea?

When was the last time you heard one of these snake oil salesmen insist that Wall Street executives should be in prison for securities fraud that destroyed the global economy? The fact is that these guys only care to line their pockets so they will never say anything that the paid-off media would not welcome because this would anger its corporate sponsors.
This is why guys like Schiff keep telling OWS to occupy Washington. People need to wake up because I get disgusted by perpetually naive individuals.

If anyone can prove that Crash Proof merely approaches the insight and forecasts provided in America’s Financial Apocalypse (as determined by a third party auditing firm) I will personally give you $10,000. In fact, Crash Proof is a joke when compared to America’s Financial Apocalypse.

I urge you to compare both books. Read each one. Take notes and compare. Then you will truly understand that the media keeps screwing you by banning credible unbiased experts while promoting Jews regardless of their track record or bias.

Only a moron would expect a man who spends the majority of his time in sales and marketing, media appearances (including a two-hour daily radio show) to truly understand what is going on and how to position investments to do well. The again, Schiff preaches a buy-and-hold strategy for his firm and his clients, so that pretty much points to his limitations. Fortunately for Schiff, the world is filled a lot of morons.

The case of Peter Schiff’s rise to riches due largely to the assistance of the Jewish media is just one of many examples I could cite. It happens on a daily basis which is why the vast majority of investment and economic experts aired in broadcast media and referenced in print media are Jewish.

Attention-starved Peter Schiff invaded the Occupy Wall Street movement as a way to generate more publicity for himself, similar to Michael Moore, Naomi Wolfe and others who have pretended to care about the people and the movement as a way to get free pubilicity. It ceases to amaze me how naive most people are.

Schiff’s invasion of OWS comes as no surprise to those who understand Schiff’s role as a salesman and marketer. However, this move backfired for Schiff as he was schooled by every member of the OWS movement. It was clearly an embarrassing situation for Schiff.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

YouTube – Veterans Today –

YouTube – Veterans Today –

It is difficult for me to resist the urge to tear apart every single one of Schiff’s twisted statements and misguided logic, so for the sake of time I will make a few points.

Keep in mind that Schiff spends most of each day talking; talking about his own brand of extremist, simplistic and (largely) misguided sales pitch. And he goes to the OWS movement to take on everyday citizens who were not prepared to debate Schiff and does not work in the financial industry to know the intimate details of much of the fraud that have occurred. YET, each and every one of the individuals he spoke with schooled him.

Schiff can never seem to let others respond to his speeches. And most of his “facts” are simply not true or are being taken out of context. Moreover, his logic is most often completely misguided and designed to appeal to simpletons who lack the ability to understand the full complexity of the issues. Remember, Schiff is a salesman and marketer because he spends the vast majority of each day in these activities.

Schiff is not doing any research. He relies on his alleged employees at his brokerage firm to conduct research. I’d like to know who these individuals are. Give me some names Peter, show me some research, let’s see their bios so I can determine if they have a clue because I am willing to bet they don’t.

Schiff constantly uses the common tactic of linking popular views to validate his more extreme and misguided views.

Schiff’s constant self-praise on how he has 150 employees and how he has created these jobs requires a few side notes.

  • First, these jobs are not real jobs because they most of these employees are stock brokers so they are on 100% commission.

  • Second, the last thing the U.S. needs is more people pitching stocks.

  • Third, Schiff claims that greed is good. This could be his most misguided view. Ambition is good. Greed inspires the love and obsession of money which always leads to fraud.

  • Forth, Schiff is a hypocrite. While he continues to insist that the U.S. needs to produce more goods needed by the rest of the world, he has formed a business that does nothing of the kind. In fact, his firm specifically focuses on taking money from U.S. investors and investing it to Asia and Europe. Thus, Schiff is actually working to weaken the U.S.

Schiff states that his reason for coming to the OWS is to convince the crowd that they should occupy Washington. This is the typical response coming from the hacks in the media who are worried that people are beginning to wake up to the fact that Washington is bought and paid for by Wall Street and corporate America. Those who insist that people should occupy Washington want Americans to support its bought-off useless fascist political system instead of building momentum to overturn this criminal exploitative system. Thus, Schiff is against the people. Schiff is for Schiff.

Thus, I find it quite appropriate that Schiff hangs in the same circles with others who have deceived their supporters, such as Alex Jones and Ron Paul, both of which sell you the same patriotic lines in order to get you to fork over your hard-earned cash to support some cause they claim to represent.

In reality, the only cause each of these three men support is that which expands their bank accounts. One of the most revealing ways to decipher the real motives of individuals is to examine their circle of associates.

  • More articles exposing the realities about Alex Jones

  • More articles exposing the realities about Ron Paul

  • More articles exposing the realities about Peter Schiff

Finally, when addressing the OWS crowd, one thing Schiff failed to mention was that he was in the 99% himself just a few years ago. So how did Schiff advance from the 99% to the 1% in just a few short years?
Instead of the media airing the views of unbiased investment experts who do not sell gold or securities; investment experts with much better track records, the media favors Jewish individuals because they know this will make these individuals wealthy.

With Jews, it’s all about tribe loyalty. That means they are discriminating against everyone else. Forget about the perceived role of the media to air the most credible and unbiased sources of expertise because the Jewish-run media could give a damn about helping its audience.

It’s just another example of discrimination in order to advance the business interests of Jews at the expense of gentiles. As a result, others who were more deserving of exposure and who could have helped investors avoid losses were shunned by the media. As a result, Jewish Wall Street, the Jewish media and their Jewish investment experts were able to take even more money from gentiles.

The next time you run across a so-called investment or economic expert in the broadcast or print media, I want you to first note the name of the interviewee or reporter, as well as the editors and producers. Next, note the name of the so-called expert.

As you begin to compile a list over time you will realize that 80% to 90% of the coverage involves Jewish experts by Jewish reporters, producers and editors. I know this for a fact because I have been taking inventory of the financial media specifically to document this statistic for a number of years.

The enormous overrepresentation of Jews in the media raises several red flags in itself. However, once you take the time to carefully examine the track records, agendas and relationships of each of these rascals, you will realize precisely what is going on.

We see the same type of representation in the media when experts are asked to discuss U.S. Middle Eastern policy and so forth.

Of course this scheme represents only a small sliver of the media’s role in defrauding gentiles. The financial media engages in securities manipulation and fraud on a daily basis, while assisting Wall Street’s own fraudulent activities.

Those who are in control of our financial system are responsible when things go right. If they perform well, they receive huge amounts of money. This is the premise of the so-called capitalism system. But when things go wrong, should these same individuals not be held accountable as well?

Of course we do not see this in America. It would appear that those in control are rewarded regardless how they perform. This is criminality at its best. This is the reality of America. This criminal system must be put to an abrupt end immediately.

At the end of the day, the Jewish media is able to pull off these scams because people are naïve, greedy and lazy. And they don’t use the mind God gave them to see through these scams. Instead, they sit back and soak in everything they are told by the media and its hand-selected hacks.

The same can be said for those who lose money in the stock market due to fraud. At some point, the victims turn into the accomplices of their own misfortune due to their continued ignorance.

People should be outraged at the activities of the Jewish mafia. They are being defrauded on a daily basis by the Jewish media which works closely with Jewish Wall Street. The criminal activities of the Jewish mafia are taking their toll on millions of lives, jobs, livelihoods, retirement savings. The effects are endless.

I am a prime example of what happens to an individual who holds the highest of credibility and is committed to helping people avoid demise. I am sure there are others like me but eventually we fade away over time. The Jewish mafia knows this.

People need to rise up and put an end to the Jewish control of the media. In fact, we must put an end to the Jewish mafia. They have defrauded the world, stolen your homes, your jobs, your retirement, cost the lives of loved ones through promoting wars based on lies.

I encourage you to read these additional articles I have written discussing media deception, lies and fraud.

[youtube BA0PbDoQ ]

YouTube – Veterans Today –

YouTube – Veterans Today –

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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