How I$raHell Steals Palestinian Land: the Blueprint used all over the World

The methodology through which Israel seizes Palestinian land—first by stealth, deception and then open formal takeover—is the same tactic Jewish Supremacists have used to seize control of all the major organs of political power in America and other western nations.
The methodology used to seize Palestinian land has been outlined in a new article in the anti-Zionist Jewish publication +972 Magazine (which is run by Palestinians and dissident Israelis) titled After 46 years of occupation, land confiscation renders Israeli law obsolete.
Image: A member of the Ghaith family stands among the rubble of his house after it was demolished by Israeli authorities in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of At Tur on April 29, 2013.
According to that article, since “Israel occupied the West Bank and annexed East Jerusalem in 1967, it has continued to engage in legal acrobatics to confiscate Palestinian homes and land. In doing so, the state is actively erasing its internationally recognized border – the Green Line.
“One thing has become abundantly clear about Israeli policy when it comes to land: first it acts, only later giving its legal stamp of approval. This is essentially how the state was first established and built itself up, and is the story of how all settlements are born to this day in the West Bank and East Jerusalem,” the article continues.
“Make your presence known on a piece of land for long enough, get a trailer, set up a makeshift synagogue, wait until the state provides electricity and water and it is only a matter of time before it is recognized, de facto or officially. The chances that a court will order that an outpost-turned-settlement be removed are very slim (and even slimmer that the state will enforce such a legal decision), as is evident from the half-a-million settlers who live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem today, and the 100 or so outposts that are considered illegal even under Israeli law.
“Does it really matter, therefore, what the courts, the attorney general or the High Court of Justice have to say about it, one way or another. For on the one hand, they are committed to the ethics of law, but on the other hand, are bodies that serve a state which prioritizes Jewish rights in every aspect of life.
“Israel’s High Court recently asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to explain his stance on the state’s confiscation of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem. His answer was that it is a-okay.  The 1950 Absentee Property Law was designed to give the state the legal tools to confiscate Palestinian refugees’ property. The refugees, from the 1948 war, were literally ‘absent’ from their homes at the time – a very fitting criteria considering it was a time of war, during which people fled and were forced out.
“The way Israel uses the law is kind of like stealing someone’s seat if they get up for a second to go to the bathroom. The state takes advantage of a vulnerable moment in time to claim something as their own – forever. It’s not that Israel has any more of a legal right to that seat, it just seized the opportunity and then decided to build a legal framework to justify it. Israel’s obvious political ambitions in East Jerusalem make the legal aspect of such confiscation totally arbitrary in nature. Does it matter whether or not it is deemed legal or not? The fact is Israel is taking over more and more Palestinian land, for use by Jews.
“This is why two former attorneys general ruled that the law specifically cannot be applied in East Jerusalem. In the eastern half of the city, which was a contiguous part of the West Bank until 1967, the lines between modern day Greater Jerusalem and the West Bank are arbitrary.  Many Palestinians who were living in the West Bank and owned property in East Jerusalem could not be present to maintain their ownership.
“Despite these legal opinions, given in 1968 and in 2005, and the 1970 amendment to the law limiting its application in East Jerusalem, the legal confiscation goes on. A large portion of today’s Jewish settlement in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and the Muslim Quarter of the Old City was made possible over the last 30 years through the Absentee Property Law.”
This tactic—of first covertly infiltrating Palestinian land, then building up a power base which becomes formally recognized, and then final open administrative takeover and incorporation into the Zionist state—is exactly the formula that Jewish extremists have seized control of America and other western nations.
First they quietly took over the major media institutions—newspapers and the movie industry, employing deception and subtlety, most evidence by their endless name-changing tactics designed to hide their Jewish identity.
Once the media and Hollywood was in their hands, they could influence the political process by either denying publicity to candidates and policy positions which went against their racial agenda, or conversely by promoting those candidates and policies which supported Jewish Supremacy.
Once this process was complete—and it took decades to achieve—then the pretence could be dropped and Jewish Supremacists could openly operate in positions of power in government and the media under their own names—in effect the formal recognition and takeover stage used to seize Palestinian lands.
Militant Muslims and Palestinians who are rightly angry at their dispossession and Israel’s murderous aggression should always bear this in mind: America and other western nations are as much Zionist Supremacist-occupied territory as the West Bank or Gaza—and that the common enemy which oppresses all people is one and the same: Jewish Supremacism.
Only by uniting, and not falling into the Jewish Supremacist trap of divide-and-conquer, will we together be able to overcome this single greatest threat to all mankind.
Uniting in this struggle will require compromises from all sides and an acceptance of the right to each and every people rto maintain their identity and culture, free from outside domination.
This means that those Muslims and people from other lands who rightfully demand the right to rule themselves in their own lands, must also grant that same right to the European,  Asian, African—and all other peoples.
Once all the nations of the world have unified around this basic principle, the Zionist nightmare will be at an end.

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