How Far Can We (the World) Get in Taking I$araHell to ICC?


Nazi Holocaust in Gaza

Third day of ceasefire between Hamas, I$raHell in Gaza

The 72-hour truce between Israel and Hamas has entered its third day in the Gaza Strip as Palestinian and Israeli officials hold indirect talks in Cairo. Reports say the negotiations have been difficult and grueling. The talks are being held at the headquarters of Egypt’s General Intelligence, where Egyptian mediators shuttle between the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. According to the Israeli side, no progress has been made so far and the gaps are still very wide. The contentious subject is the issue of Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Hamas wants the seven-year siege lifted, but Tel Aviv says it will only take the measure if Hamas disarms. And the condition has been rejected by Palestinian resistance groups. Meanwhile, Israel’s minister of military affairs has warned that Israel’s offensive against Gaza will be resumed on Wednesday night if the two sides are unable to reach an agreement.

++At this point, the hell may have begun to rain-down, some more.  Am waiting to hear.

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