How do We Stop the BabyKillers of IsraHell?


I$raHell’s systematic killing, arrests of children rising

Rights groups say as the number of dead children in Gaza is rising from the Israeli bombardment, so are systematic attacks against children in the West Bank.
Defense for Children International condemns Israeli policies that result in mass detention and abuse of Palestinian minors. The most recent case was the shooting and killing of 11 year old khalili Anati outside his home in a rsefugee camp near al-Khalil also known as Hebron. Shawan Jabareen from al Haq Human Rights organization says using silencers by Israeli soldiers when shooting civilians are on the rise. Jabareen says there is an ongoing investigation by al Haq about previous cases where children have been targeted in deliberate shootings by Israeli officers, which includes 17 year old Nadim Nuwara and 16 year old Muhammad Abu Thahr who were shot dead during a protest to mark al Nakba day on the 15th May. Human rights advocates in the west bank say it is not only the indiscriminate killing of children and youths but also the systematic arrests of children which is on the rise. They say there are over 300 Palestinian children being held in Israeli jails, many without charge or trial.

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