History: Gaddafi Wife Safiya, daughter Aisha and two sons Mohammed and Hannibal in Algeria

Daughter Aisha with mother Safiya Gaddafi

The Algerian government has notified the United Nations and the Libyan interim government (NTC) that Gaddafi’s wife Safiya, his daughter Aisha and his two sons Mohammed and Hannibal fled into Algeria.

None of the escaping family members have ICC arrest warrants issued on them, but they are all under ICC travel ban and supposedly must be stopped at the border and refused entry. Algeria did not sign the Rome Agreement recognizing the authority of the International Criminal Court.

Safiya with her husband Muammar Gaddaf

Algeria will allow the Gaddafi family members to transit on their way to a third country. Their final destination is not yet known. According to the Algerian official, they were admitted to the country for humanitarian reasons.

As a side note, Safiya Gaddafi is mother to 6 Gaddafi sons. Saif al-Arab was killed in Tripoli by Nazi NATO strike. Her son Khamis is currently reported as having been killed outside Tarhouna. His death has not been confirmed. Her eldest son is Saif al-Islam who is rumoured to be with her next eldest son Saadi and Muammar Gaddafi himself in a town in Central Libya, south of Tripoli, called Bani Walid. The remaining son Mutassim is head of the Gaddafi forces in Sirte, Gaddafi’s home town and assumed to soon be the last major battle.

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