Its Roots Go Back To 1680

Sabbatai Zvi proclaims himself the Jewish Messiah

in Salonica. He leads thousands of Jewish followers on an exodus to Palestine. On the way Zvi becomes a Muslim. His followers saw this as God’s plan and also become Muslims.

The Crypto Jews Called “Donmeh”

In 1716 a group called the “Donmeh” forms in Salonica 
headed by
Sabbatai Zvi’s successor, Baruchya Russo.

In 1900 theDonmeh numbers over 100,000. Known as “Crypto Jews,” theyappear to be Muslims, but were Jews. 

The Young Turks Are Formed

In 1891 a political group from the Donmeh forms

called The Committee of Union and Progress,

later called The Young Turks.

The group is headed by Freemason Jew

Emmanuel Carrusso with the help of the Rothschilds.

Congress Of Young Turks

In 1902 & 1907

two Congresses

of The Young Turks

meet in Paris to plan the

penetration of the Sultan’s

army leading to the military

coup of 1908.

Depose The Sultan

In 1908 the Jewish Young Turksrevolt and force the Sultan Abdül Hamid II into submission.

Instigating WW I

In 1914 the Jewish Young Turks bolster

the paid assassin Gavrilo Princep

which sparks WW I.

In 1915 The Armenian Holocaustengineered by the Jewish Young Turksleaves 1.5 million Armenian Christians murdered.

Mustafa Kemal Ascends To Rule Turkey

In 1918 Jew Mustafa Kemal “Attaturk” ascends into leadership.

Jewish Supply The Young Turks

In 1920 the Russian Jewish.

supply Attaturk with 10 million gold roubles,

45,000 rifles, and 300 machine guns.

In 1921 Attaturk occupies the Port of Baku ceding it to the Jewish Bolsheviks five days later. The Rothschilds are delighted as they now have their Baku Oil Company in Jewish territory.

The Burning Of SmyrnaIn 1922 Jewish Khemalists orchestrate the burning of Smyrna resulting in 100,000 Christians tortured, starved, raped, and dead.

Who Were The Jewish Young Turks?

Talaat Pasha: A “Donmeh” Jew. Interior Minister of Turkey during WW I. Chief architect of the Armenian Holocaust.

Djavid Bey: “Donmeh Jew.” Talaat’s Finance Minister.

Messim Russo: Assistant to Djavid Bey.

Refik Bey: Editor of Young Turk newspaper Revolutionary Press; Prime Minister of Turkey in 1939.

Emanuel Qrasow: Jewish propagandist for The Jewish Young Turks.

Vladimir Jabotinsky: Russian Bolshevik who moved to Turkey in 1908. Editor of the newspaper Young Turk.

Alexander Helphand: Liaison of the Rothschilds. Editor of The Turkish Homeland.

Mustafa Kemal Attaturk: A Jew of Sephardic origin. Attaturk attended the Jewish Elementary school known as the Semsi Effendi School run by the Jew Simon Zvi.

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