Hillary Clinton’s concession speech: Americans owe Trump ‘an open mind’


‘This is painful,’ Clinton says — but urges backers to give Trump a ‘chance to lead’

Hillary Clinton addresses her staff and supporters on Wednesday morning.

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said Americans owe Donald Trump “an open mind” and a “chance to lead” after the New York real estate mogul decisively won the White House in an upset that shocked the nation and financial markets.

“This is painful,” Clinton told supporters gathered at a New York hotel late Wednesday morning. “And it will be for a long time.”

The former secretary of state thanked her backers including her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and President Barack Obama. And she quickly pivoted in the speech to urging Americans to keep fighting for what she called a fairer country even as she conceded to Trump.

Hillary Clinton addresses women and girls in concession speech

Clinton’s speech closed the books on what was a history-making run for the White House that saw the first female nominee of a major party. But Clinton was no match for the passion of Trump voters, and proved unable to replicate the support enjoyed by Obama among key voting groups.

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Clinton said the glass ceiling of a female president hadn’t yet been broken but that it would be one day, and “hopefully sooner than we might think.”

U.S. stocks DJIA, +1.40%   on Wednesday morning recovered from an overnight selloff as Trump’s victory sunk in. The yield on the 10-year Treasury TMUBMUSD10Y, +2.19%   hit 2% for the first time in nine months.

Republicans — Trump chief among them — pilloried a would-be Clinton presidency as nothing more than an extension of Obama’s vision and policies. That criticism was accurate in key ways, with Clinton promising to defend and bolster the Affordable Care Act, for example.

With Clinton’s plans up in smoke, Obama’s legacy is Trump’s next target. The Republican has promised to undo Obamacare, rescind federal regulations on industries and keep the U.S. out of the Pacific trade deal Obama has relentlessly pushed.

Trump himself hasn’t spoken publicly since early Wednesday morning. But a spokesman said Clinton’s speech was “classy.”

A bitter legacy of the election for Clinton will be her likely victory in the popular vote even as she lost the Electoral College. The last president to win the popular vote but lose the election was Al Gore in 2000.

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