Hijacking Memory: The Holocaust and the New Right

  • Earlier this month, Palestinian analyst and scholar Tareq Baconi delivered a speech at a conference entitled “Hijacking Memory: The Holocaust and the New Right,” hosted by Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin.
    The day after delivering the speech, two fellow speakers at the conference, Jan Grabowski and Konstanty Gebert, publicly read a joint statement that misrepresented Baconi’s talk and condemned his very presence at the conference. In the days that followed, Grabowski continued to denounce Baconi in the right-leaning German newspaper Die Welt.
    Printed here in full for the first time is an edited version of Baconi’s speech, in which he argues that Zionism’s synergy with right-wing populists has exploited antisemitism to justify apartheid — and Palestinians refuse to be its silent victims.
    Read the full edited speech at the link in our bio. 📸: Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash902 d
  • People should not have guilt for things they have not done. “The world” and People today are not guilty for ww2 that happened 80 years ago, they were not even born then (and some people and countries have payed billions to a war machine because if “guilt” wich is completely wrong way if the world want peace, justice and liberation). However, zionists terrorizing Palestinians are very much guilty of apartheid, occupation and a lot more. Zionists are not the victims, they are the oppressor.
  • Justice is what the world need. Justice for the Palestinians, they are the only victims here and they have the right to their own country, to wich they are Indigenous.1 likeReply

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