Herman Cain Makes Shas Party Members Look Smart




note on the above pic–Skulz Fontaine does it again

1. Please God, Yahweh, Khoda, Allah, Alex Jones, TO, the State of Israel, Joe Paterno, Steve Jobs, Tim Tebow,  or whatever deity you pray to, make Herman Cain our next president. And please let Walid Phares tell him what Israel wants so Cain will know what to do. Please, please, please. America deserves Herman Cain for Israeli Vice President of American Affairs. (Plus he delivers.)

2. Damn. You know how you want to do something you think will be a really good idea, but you forget because you are too busy dealing with all the other Zionist Bullshit going on and you just can’t keep up? I mean damn. I do everything I can to stay on top of all the shit that Israel’s ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro does, like meeting with accused spies for Israel and not meeting with Americans illegally detained by Israel – more on that in an upcoming post – as I said I just don’t have the time to point out and make fun of all the Zionist bullshit.  But I digress.

Anyway, a while ago nut cases like Bridgette Gabriel and Pam Geller were trying to hold their hate fest about Islam at various hotels around the country but somehow people objected to the stigma of having a bunch of racist warmongering assholes meeting in their communities and each time they booked a hotel, Ayman Al-Zawahiri called the hotel and the hotel management cancelled.  Actually, mabe it was frequent Mantiq al-Tayr commenter, the late Osama bin Laden, now known as “ben dead awhile”, who made the calls from under the sea, not sure. But anyway, each time these crazy war-mongering Zionists booked a hotel for their hate fest  the hotel would get phone calls and would cancel their reservations.  Fortunately there is the state of Tennessee (state motto: “We boldly go were Alabama and Mississippi really want to go but haven’t had the chance to yet because we are filled with crazy mother-effers. Oh and by the way, who finally got rid of Martin Luther King? But we digress.”)

Anyway, a church in Tennessee, run by a guy  who is a convicted murderer, agreed to host the conference and then did so. I had wanted to ask a terrific blogger in Tennessee to attend the hate fest or at least report on it. Well, I forgot. But  Kudos to Kenny’s Sideshow for writing about it in a superb post which  makes a number of excellent points. A must read. Go for it folks and give Kenny a high five. Kenny is not the only guy by a long shot to report on the murder situation and its irony. But he puts the situation in a most interesting context.

murderer. Figures.. But I am not surprised.  Oh, and guess what, Kenny reports that the church “Conerstone” as it is called, is Zionist. I’m shocked. “Cornerstein Church” might be a better name.

3. Okay, I’m now going to scare the shit out of you all by showing a video, the link to which was sent to me by very scary Mooooooooooselims, the ones who make convicted murderer, Pastor Maury Davis, show us what a man of Yahweh he is.  Yup, these here Moooooooooooooooooooselims are using biryanis to take over the world and to force you to have Shakira law sit on your face or something. Not sure. But I digress. Anyway, make sure you are sitting down. And if you happen to be Muslim, make sure you aren’t drinking any milk.

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