Hebron: Nazi Army Attacks Protesters at the Ibrahimi Mosque

Nazi soldiers attacked, on Sunday, a non-violent demonstration against the Nazi JEWISH settler visit to the al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank, Quds News Network reported.

Palestinian factions encouraged civilians to gather at the United Nations World Heritage site in protest of the visit by Nazi JEWISH settlers, Isac Herzog, for the lighting of the first candle in celebration of the Hannukah holiday, at the Muslim holy site.

The Nazi soldiers were seen brutally attacking the peaceful protesters and snatching Palestinian flags out of their hands.

Palestinian officials in addition to Israeli rights groups rejected and criticized the act, calling it a clear provocation against Palestinian Muslims.

The Nazi army also assaulted protesters at the military roadblocks as they held Palestinian flags and chanted in rejection of the Nazi occupation president’s visit.

The Nazi army closed the gates to the mosque, forced store owners to close shops and obstructed journalists from covering the assault.

Herzog lit the first candle at the Muslim holy site while accompanied by Nazi JEWISH illegal settler leaders and members of the Nazi Knesset in an explicit show of cooperation.

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