Hatred of Muslims in the West and United Terrorism: The Common Platform


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Some observations from an international human rights advocate visiting Australia
Whether Australia, Europe or America, no where else in the world is the widespread hatred of Muslims so widespread. In fact, it is, generally a white problem. We must remember, it is the same whites who hated Jews, but are now practically controlled by them in the fields of media, law, entertainment, and foreign affairs. These same whites who are railing against Muslims dare not criticize the Jews, who are, after all, stirring up hatred against Muslims via the western news media networks.To see the hatred of Muslims, one only has to peruse any social media, where the low class whites are active. But talking to middle and upper class whites, it is observed that the resentment against Muslims is more one of fear and disinformation, than outright hatred, compared, it seems, statistically with the lower and uneducated classes. The lower class are however generally over-run and competing with large numbers of Asians, in particular Chinese and Indians. Perhaps they find that they cannot get away with racial hatred against those national groups, but Muslims are a soft and easy target: no censure is undertaken by human rights groups.The common white westerner still fails to realize that the population of Muslims is in the billions world wide. And so, the terrorists among them are a tiny fraction of a fraction of a percentage. When this is pointed out, they say that they do not see Muslims condemning the terrorists. How often do Muslims need to condemn them? Those that condemn them most loudly are themselves eliminated. They, and even the more educated higher classes in the White West fail to see too that the overwhelming majority of victims of the terrorists, are Muslims.

When a white is killed by the terrorists it makes big headlines. Yet, as of now, with most terrorists now congregated in Libya and Iraq, and trying to take over Syria, the non-Muslim victims of ISIS appear to have been five persons. Compare that to the hundred of thousands of victims of these terrorists, who are Muslims and it should become clear that these terrorists are fighting mostly against Muslims, in spite of the rhetoric for the western TV screens.

So, Muslims are being asked to show that they do not support terrorism, expected to repeat on a daily basis “I am against ISIS, those people are not Muslim, they are terrorist”, but, the non-Muslim whites (really the Blacks and other Asians generally don’t care about this as they see things in proportion, perhaps less infected by the media) never come out and point out the actual facts and figures: one, that Muslims are in the front line of the conflict against ISIS and Al-Qaida, and two, that they are the overwhelming victims, in a ratio of tens of thousands to one.

But then, non-white life, has never had the same value as white lives, nor has goyim (non-Jew) lives had the value of gentiles (Jews). This can be seen historically and this is ever true today, as any cursory look at media reports and any survey of public opinion shows. For some reason, whites in the west expect that nothing should ever happen to them, so they take away all their freedoms in the name of protecting against terrorists, even though they’re more likely to die in an aircraft accident, which itself is very unlikely compared to other means of death.

On the other hand, these same whites in the West expect everything bad to happen to black people, and Muslims. Whether wars, disease, calamity, death or destruction, it is taken for granted that these things can happen to non-whites, and only make general mention in news headlines. We don’t see the names of those many victims flashed across TV screens, because they are too  many to mention, and, most of these names are Muslim: the mention of Muslim names is reserved for the terrorists, not the many victims of terrorism and other man made inflictions.

This brings me to the TV coverage of the terrorists. It is not accident that when Colonel Qaddafi of Libya was termed the “world’s number one terrorist” for decades by the white western powers, he was never ever quoted in the media, or given his say, nor was any statement from the Libyan Jamahiriya ever read out on TV. Only at the very end, when the country was under direct invasion and overthrow by the west, did the media sometimes quote anything he said, and more so out of the need to do so in order not to be exposed as one-sided even by the most uneducated of westerners.

However, note that these same TV media networks in the west, are very happy to show time and again the ISIS statements and actions, so much so that you could think that these news networks are actually working for ISIS as their propaganda arm. And yet, this makes good sense, if you study how ISIS came about, how Al-Qaida came about, and who sponsors them.

The first terrorists historically, were the Zionist Jews, most notorious among them the Stern Gang, who targeted the British colonial occupiers of Palestine. They demanded the British hand over Palestine to them so they could create Israel, and this is exactly what happened. They got what they wanted. Bear this fact of “they got what they wanted” in mind, as I continue my observation.

Jihadist Muslim terrorism started against the Russians and was sponsored and financed by the CIA in Afghanistan. After coming to power in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden and others congregated there, while still on the payroll of the CIA, and were later blamed for the September 11 attacks, even though Laden was long dead, for those who care to investigate the matter, as revealed by Pakistan President Benazhir Bhutto, who very shortly after saying this was assassinated.

Then, in France, Algeria, Libya and Egypt, terrorists who were either in jail or in hiding, were all brought to Libya to overthrow the Jamahiriya system and kill Colonel Qaddafi. After achieving their aim, and being given key posts in the new regime of Libya, they went on to Turkey where again they were given support by the CIA and other agencies, to proceed onward to Syria and work their same barbaric magic in an attempt to overthrow the Assad government. However, Syria proved harder, so they were pushed eastward into parts of Iraq where they formed ISIS.

It is therefore clear that it is no accident that western news editors are allowed to quote and give publicity to ISIS, but were never allowed to do so for Qaddafi. After all, ISIS is what the CIA call a “hornets nest” strategy to get Muslim Jihadists, who would otherwise hate the west for the state terrorism carried out against Iraq, Libya and Syria, on planes heading to Syria to wage “Jihad”. Where does their information come from that encourages them to do so? From western TV news screens, anti-Muslim hatred mentioned earlier, and websites that are allowed to stay on-line and thus also clearly “CIA sanctioned”.

Young Muslims in the west, from recent immigrant backgrounds, are often poorly educated, and led by what they see on the TV, no different from the non-Muslims mentioned earlier. The result? The non-Muslims who want to go and fight Muslims and help with the occupation of Syria can simply go and join their military. The Muslims, can simply get on a plane to Turkey and join the ISIS. And, of course, both these sides are actually fighting on the same side: against the people of Syria and their government.

Yet, ordinary uneducated Muslim migrants in Australia, I observe, are generally much more concerned about not being allowed time off to pray Friday prayers, and even so angry and ready to protest when such befalls them. In Australia, as in other western countries, there are agreed international covenants about freedom of religion and worship, but since Friday prayers are generally an hour long around lunch time, Muslims are simply expected to use their lunch break on Fridays to pray instead. They are much less concerned about going off to join ISIS to fight against the Syrian people’s government.

All of these observations I have made, are hardly rocket science. They’d surely be understood by any intelligent unbiased observer. Yet, these observations do not make it into the mainstream media in the West, perhaps again because it would go against the agenda which is to occupy the resource rich African and West Asian regions. Therefore from Boko Haram in the west to ISIS in the east, the media gives them plenty of publicity, while astute observers will also note that CIA satellites which know very well the location of the abducted girls in Nigeria, take no action, since it serves their propaganda purpose: Muslims are terrorists.

And behind all that, is the protection and expansion of the Zionist State of Israel, which was, itself achieved through terrorism and continues to occupy Arab Palestinian lands. This brings to one final observation regarding the success of terrorism: the only other success, is the U.S.-N.A.T.O. terrorism against Iraq, Libya and Syria, which was, and is, conducted under the guise of human rights, democracy, R2P and counter-terrorism, and all the other Muslim-attributed terrorism such as 9/11 has done nothing all other than benefit those same western intelligence agencies who are engaged in ensuring the success of the aforementioned:

Using Jihadists as cannon fodder, keeping Israel safe, expanding the State of Israel and her western allies in occupation and plundering of resource rich part of the world from Africa to Asia, encircling Russia, stoking popular hatred among white westerners against the religion of Islam and its adherents the Muslims, beefing up defense and security budgets, and maintaining a tight control while removing on a daily basis ever more rights and freedoms from western populations, while blaming it on their tools that they created as mentioned earlier: the Muslim terrorists.

For those who really want to fight against the terrorists, who as pointed out above, are fighting on the same side: whether NATO or ISIS, they can pick up the strongest weapon of all: the pen. As the Muslim Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, said: the pen is mightier than the sword. He also said the greater Jihad (struggle) is the one against yourself, the demons within. The lesser Jihad (struggle) is the fight against the external enemy who seeks to occupy your lands or kill your families. And your greatest weapon in this fight against terrorism, is the International Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Article 5 of the Green Charter proclaims:

“We forbid clandestine action and recourse to force in all its forms, violence, terrorism and sabotage. These acts constitute a betrayal of the values and principles of the civil society, which affirms the sovereignty of the individual in the popular congresses, guaranteeing the right to express opinions publicly. We reject and condemn violence as a means of imposing ideas and opinions. We adopt democratic dialogue as the only method of debate and consider any hostile relation towards civil society linked to a foreign instance, whatever its form, as high treason against it.

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